Southern Economic Association's
Sixty-Seventh Annual Conference
November 21-23, 1997
Atlanta Hilton and Towers
Atlanta, Georgia

Program Sessions

Friday    8:30 - 10:15am

Session 0Southern Economic Association Board of Trustees Meeting and Breakfast
Session 1A*Innovative Applications of the "Laffer" Curve
Session 3A*Economics Under Uncertainty I
Session 4A*The Economics of Ethics and the Ethics of Economists
Session 5A*Classroom Experiments and Public Choice
Session 6A*Current Issues in State and Local Public Finance
Session 7A*Empirical Issues in Exchange Rate Modeling
Session 8A*Current Issues in Labor Economics
Session 9AEconomics of Crime
Session 10APotpourri: Economic Issues Regarding Children and Art
Session 11AMoney and Banking
Session 12AHealth Economics III
Session 13AIndustrial Organization
Session 14ACapital Mobility
Session 15ADeficits, Interest Rates, and Politics
Session 16ALabor, the Welfare Stigma, and Risk in the Workplace
Session 17ATopics on Public Economics
Session 18A*Recent Research on Economic Freedom
Session 19AApplications of Austrian Economics
Session 20A*Reprivatizing Charlotte: Municipal Constitutional Economics
Session 21A*Topics in Commercial Banking
Session 22A*Economics of Fame

Friday    10:30 - 12:15pm

Session 23BEmpirical Analysis of Effects of Federal Reserve Policy
Session 25B*Topics in Income Distribution, Welfare and Mobility
Session 26B*Economic Efficiency in Unconventional Markets
Session 27B*Time and Institutions
Session 28B*Issues in Regulation and Antitrust
Session 29B*Classroom Experiments: Macroeconomic Issues
Session 30B*The Economics of Gambling
Session 31B*Empirical Political Economy
Session 32BValuation of Environmental Health Effects
Session 33BRegional Economic Growth and Divergence in the U.S.
Session 34BTaxation
Session 35BHealth Economics I
Session 36BPerformance Incentives
Session 37BReal Trade
Session 38BInnovations in Pedagogy
Session 39BEconometric Methods
Session 40BA Montage: Federal Sentencing, Civil Society, and Economic Education in Poland
Session 41B*Market Failure, Government Failure, and Public Choice: Lessons From U.S. Economic History
Session 42B*Law, Economics, and Public Choice
Session 43B*Economics and Religion: How Are They Related
Session 44B*Purchasing Power Parity

Friday    1:30 - 3:15pm

Session 47C*Emerging Economic and Legal Issues in the Child-Care Industry
Session 48C*Income Distributions, Poverty and Race
Session 49C*Economics Under Uncertainty II
Session 50C*America's Economic and Entrepreneurial Past
Session 51C*Schooling
Session 52C*Collaborating in Economics
Session 53CPedagogical Practices and Realities
Session 54CTeaching Environmental and Natural Resource Economics: Panel Discussion
Session 55CWhat Facilitates Learning in Games and Markets?
Session 56CGrowth, Convergence, and Divergence in Europe
Session 57CHistorical Studies of Banking
Session 58CContributions to Political Economy
Session 59CTime Series Techniques in International Finance
Session 60CTelecommunications Regulation and Deregulation
Session 61CAsset Valuation
Session 62CExternalities
Session 63CTo Love, Honor, and Commute or Until Job Searches Do Us Part (A Panel Discussion About the Career Options of Economists Married to Other Economists.)
Session 65C*Private Provision of Law and Law Enforcement
Session 66C*Women in the Firm and the Academy: The Impact of Technological Change (A Roundtable Discussion)
Session 67C*Relationships and Perceptions Between Citizens and Politicians Within the Context of the Public Budgetary Process

Friday    3:30 and After

Session 69DPresentation of the Eleventh Annual Georgescu-Roegen Prize in Economics for the Best Article Published During the Past Year in the Southern Economic Journal
Session 70EPost-Lecture Cash Bar and Job Market Poster-Fair
Session 71EInternational Association for Feminist Economics - Business Meeting

Saturday    8:30 - 10:15am

Session 72F*Inflation and Capital Markets
Session 73FIssues in Banking
Session 74F*Economics of Crime
Session 75F*The Economics and Law of Antitrust
Session 76F*Economic Potpourri
Session 77F*Topics in the Economic History of the South
Session 78F*The South African Economy in Transition
Session 79F*Economics of Higher Education
Session 80FInternational Economics and Finance Society
Session 81FNew Applications of the Hedonic Method
Session 82FWhat Facilitates Learning in Games and Markets?
Session 83FIndustrial Organization
Session 84FState and Local Government
Session 85FLabor Markets
Session 86FMarket Structure, Firm Strategy, and Market Performance
Session 87FValuing the Environment and Pricing Pollution
Session 88FDecision-Making Under Uncertainty
Session 89FThe Role of Policy Intervention or Institutional Change in Economic Development
Session 90F*Intellectual Property Rights and Economic Progress
Session 91FCurrent Research in Market Process Theory
Session 92FOmicron Delta Epsilon
Session 93F*Public Economics
Session 94FTechnical Aspects of Forensic Economics Practice

Saturday    10:30 - 12:15pm

Session 95G*Bank Powers and Corporate Structure
Session 96G*Property Rights and Public Goods
Session 97GDowns and Ups in the Number of Economics Majors (Trends in Undergraduate Economics Degrees: A 1995-96 Update)
Session 98G*Oxford Economic Papers
Session 99G*Law and Economics: Retrospect and Prospect
Session 100G*Economics of Religion
Session 101G*The Economics of War and Peace
Session 102G*Does State and Local Fiscal Policy Matter for Economic Growth?
Session 103G*Using the World-Wide Web in Economics Classes: A Round Table Discussion
Session 104GMonetary and Fiscal Policy Issues: An International Perspective
Session 105GReputation, Society, and Exchange
Session 106GWomen's Labor Market and Health Issues
Session 107GHousing Policy
Session 108GHealth Economics II
Session 109GExchange Rates
Session 110GEnvironmental Regulation in Local and Global Contexts
Session 111GMarket Dominance: Causes and Consequences
Session 112GEmpirical Industry Studies
Session 113GSelected Topics in Economic Development
Session 114GAustrian Macro and Monetary Theory
Session 115G*Industrial Organization Topics
Session 116G*Economics of Political Institutions
Session 117GCurrent Issues in Forensic Economics

Saturday    1:30 - 3:15pm

Session 118H*Milton Friedman's Legacy as a Teacher
Session 119H*Trade and Human Rights in China
Session 120H*Perspectives on Concealed Weapons
Session 121H*Seemingly Unrelated Session Topics
Session 122H*Can Experimental Methods Provide Relevant Insights for Environmental Damage Assessment?
Session 123H*Deregulation of Electric Utilities
Session 124H*Rent Seeking and Over-Dissipation?
Session 125H*The Impact of International Trade on the Local/State Economies
Session 126H*Economics Courses Enhanced by Computers
Session 127HDynamic Affects of Monetary and Fiscal Policy
Session 128H*Efficiency and Productivity
Session 129HPanel on Women's Progress in Academics
Session 130HDeterminants and Influences of Wages and Unemployment
Session 131HElementary and Secondary Education
Session 132HAntitrust
Session 133HEvaluating Courses and Departments
Session 134HTheoretical Microeconomics and Game Theory
Session 135HEconomic Development, Oil, and Income Distribution
Session 136H*Economic Development vs. Environmental Protection
Session 137HMarket Process and the Theory of the Firm
Session 140HEconomic Education and Technology

Saturday    3:30 and After

Session 141J*Southern Economic Association - Presidential Address
Session 142Southern Economic Association - Business Meeting
Session 143George Mason University - Center for the Study of Public Choice - Cocktail Party (Cash Bar)
Session 144University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Department of Economics - Cocktail Party (Cash Bar)
Session 145University of Kentucky - Department of Economics - Cocktail Party (Cash Bar)
Session 146University of Florida - Department of Economics
Cocktail Party (Cash Bar)
Session 147Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession - Business Meeting and Cocktail Party (Cash Bar)
Session 148Oklahoma State University Economistics Society - Cocktail Party
Session 149University of Georgia - Department of Economics - Cocktail Party (Cash Bar)
Session 150University of Virginia - Department of Economics - Cocktail Party (Cash Bar)
Session 150KSociety for the Development of Austrian Economics - Dinner and Presidential Address

Sunday    8:30 - 10:15am

Session 153M*Topics in Human Capital
Session 154M*The New Institutional Economics: Applications and Evidence
Session 155M*Issues in Civil Liability and Damages
Session 156M*Environmental Issues
Session 157M*Taxes and Budgets
Session 158M*Rationality, Institutions and the Market Process
Session 159MBusiness Loans and Investment
Session 160MPrices, Business Fluctuations, and Cycles
Session 161MHigher Education
Session 162MCaring for the Elderly
Session 163MLabor Economics
Session 164MTopics in Public Choice
Session 165MWhat's On the Internet for Economists: An Update
Session 166MRisky Business: Decisions Involving Bargaining and Risk
Session 167M*Free Markets and the Environment
Session 168M*Banking, Financial, and Debt Markets
Session 169MTopics on Liquidity, Currency , Leasing, and Transition Failures

Sunday    10:30 - 12:15pm

Session 176N*Rothbard on Smith (Session Sponsored by the Smith Center for Private Enterprise Studies)
Session 177N*Issues in Urban Real Estate
Session 178N*Law and Economics
Session 179N*Economics and the Lively Arts
Session 180N*Issues in Macroeconomic History
Session 181N*Institutions and Growth
Session 182NMoney and Interest Rates
Session 183NState Lotteries
Session 184NGiving and Cooperation
Session 185NCurrent Issues in Health Economics
Session 186NUnions and Discrimination
Session 187NDeterminants of Learning
Session 188NLabor/Human Capital and Economic Development
Session 189NComplexity Theory and Austrian Economics: A Preliminary Look
Session 190N*Learning from Economic History: Graduate Students' Perspectives
Session 191N*Understanding Environmental Issues in Developing Countries
Session 192MHealth Care Economics

Sunday    12:30 - 2:15pm

Session 199P*Rent-Seeking and Competitive Forces
Session 200P*Empirical Papers in Regional Economics
Session 201PFiscal Policy
Session 202PWelfare Policy
Session 203PHospitals and Physicians
Session 204PFemale Time Allocations and Fertility
Session 205PTransitional and Developing Economies
Session 206PTransportation Industry Studies
Session 207PSelected Topics in Applied Microeconomics
Session 208PAustrian Economics, Chicago Economics, and Policy Evaluation
Session 209P*Empirical Issues in Public Choice