November 21-23, 1999
Fairmont Hotel, New Orleans

Program Sessions

Sunday,  8:30 - 10:15 a.m.

Session 1AState Lotteries
Session 2AThe Principles Course
Session 3ALabor Market Mandates and Regulation
Session 4ALand-Use and Tropical Deforestation
Session 5AMonetary Policy and Forecasting
Session 6A*Empirical Studies I
Session 7A*Collective Action Problems in the Lab
Session 8ASavings Behavior and Mobility of Older Americans
Session 9AGambling
Session 10A*Hurricane Loss Estimation and Mitigation
Session 11A*Studies in Microeconomic Dynamics
Session 12AEconometric Methods and Application
Session 13AInnovation and Growth
Session 14A*Applied Topics in Urban and Public Economics
Session 15A*Topics in Open Economy Macro and Development
Session 16ATopics in Forensic Economics

Sunday,  10:30 - 12:15 p.m.

Session 17B*Income Inequality and Mobility
Session 18B*Environmental Issues in Developing Countries
Session 19BEconomics of Education I
Session 20BTopics on Government Size and Public Goods
Session 21B*Risk and Quality Issues in Health Maintenance Organizations
Session 22B*Trade Elasticities
Session 23B*Internet Technologies in Experimental Economics: Panel Discussion
Session 24B*Measuring the Value of Water Quality
Session 25B20th Century Economic History
Session 26B*Topics in Industrial Organization
Session 27BInternational Trade
Session 28BIndustry Structure
Session 29BEconomic Development and Growth
Session 31BEconomic Organization
Session 32BSymposium on the "Whole Time" Concept in Forensic Economics

Sunday,  1:30 - 3:15 p.m.

Session 33C*School Segregation and Its Effects
Session 34C*Labor Markets at Work
Session 35C*Topics in Public Sector Economics
Session 36CFriedman, Stigler, and Their Correspondence
Session 37CMarket for Physicians
Session 38C*Empirical Studies II
Session 39C*A Session in Honor of Charles Plott (featuring his former students)
Session 40CR&D and Market Performance
Session 41CFinancial Economics I
Session 42CEarnings Determination
Session 43CHealth Policy
Session 44CValuing Environmental Improvement
Session 45C*Oklahoma Political Economy
Session 46C*Issues in Monetary Policy
Session 47CThe Work of F.A. Hayek 100 Years After His Birth
Session 48CCrime
Session 49CHead-to-Head-to-Head: Al Close-Up View of Software Programs for Damage Calculations

Monday,  8:30 - 10:15 a.m.

Session 55F*Graduate Economics Education
Session 56FWelfare Policy
Session 57FEnvironmental Policy
Session 58FTopics in Microeconomics
Session 59F*Oxford Economic Papers I
Session 60F*Transition Issues in Electric Restructuring
Session 61F*Experimental Economics: Auctions
Session 62F*Current Issues in Labor Economics
Session 63FOffshore Oil and Gas Development Issues
Session 64FMoney and Interest Rates
Session 65F*Defense Acquisition Markets
Session 66FLife-Cycle Models
Session 68FWhat's On the Internet for Economists: An Update
Session 69FPublic Choice
Session 70FAn Austrian View of Urban and Regional Economics
Session 71FEmpirical Analyses of Markets with Asymmetric Information
Session 72F*Teaching Economics
Session 73F*International Environmental Issues

Monday,  10:30 - 12:15 p.m.

Session 74G*The Forward Premium Puzzle and Exchange Rate Determination
Session 75G*Bayesian Estimation
Session 76G*Oxford Economic Papers II
Session 77G*Issues in Electric Restructuring
Session 78G*Experimental Economics: Risk and Uncertainty
Session 79GTheoretical and Applied Issues in Industrial Organization
Session 80GMonetary and Banking Policies
Session 82GHealth Economics
Session 83GInterdependent Econmics
Session 84GEmpirical Analyses of Imperfectly Competitive Markets
Session 85GChoice Experiments
Session 86GPublic Economics I
Session 87GThe Economics of W.H. Hutt 100 Years After His Birth
Session 88GInternational Economics and Finance Society

Monday,  1:30 - 3:15 p.m.

Session 89H*Alternative Non-Market Valuation
Session 90H*Reforms in School Finance
Session 91H*Empirical Studies on Entry
Session 92H*Depression and Recovery
Session 93H*Regulation and Public Choice
Session 95H*Experimental Games
Session 96H*Tropics in International Trade
Session 97HUrban Economics
Session 99HHospital Productivity
Session 100HHistory of Economic Thought
Session 101HMonetary Economics
Session 102HNon-market Valuation Methods
Session 103HTopics in Labor Economics
Session 104H*Session in Honor of S. Charles Maurice
Session 105H*Intergroup Disparity from a Cross-National Perspective - Roundtable Discussion

Tuesday,  8:30 - 10:15 a.m.

Session 120MEmpirical Analyses of Quality
Session 121MLaw and Economics
Session 122MDisseminating Economic Knowledge: Empirical Issues
Session 123MCross-Country Differences in Performance
Session 124MPay Methods and Productivity
Session 125MFinancial Economics II
Session 126MPurchasing Power Parity
Session 127MDeregulation of Electric Utilities
Session 128MEconomic Theory
Session 129MKorean Economic Issues
Session 130MIndustry Studies and Growth Strategies
Session 131M*Issues in Development and Growth
Session 132M*Applied Economics
Session 133MEmpirical Studies in International Economics
Session 135MRobert Higgs' Interpretation of the Amercian Economy, 1935-47
(Co-sponsored by the Independent Institute)
Session 136M*Economics of Education II

Tuesday,  10:30 - 12:15 p.m.

Session 137N*Competition in Local Financial Services Markets
Session 138N*Public Economics: Issues in Taxation
Session 139N*Topics in Macroeconomics
Session 140NControlling Water Pollution Beyond Tradiational Point Sources
Session 141NFamily and Fertility
Session 142N*Topics in Worker Disability and Compensation
Session 143N*Experimental Economics: Fairness, Incentives, and Cost Allocation
Session 144NPublic Utilities
Session 145NMacroeconomics and the World Economy
Session 146NInternational Economics and Finance Society
Session 147NChina: Prospects for Growth
Session 149NRegional Economics
Session 153N*Health Insurance Issues

Tuesday,  12:30 - 2:15 p.m.

Session 155PTheoretical Industiral Organization
Session 156PInflation
Session 157PGender Differences in Labor Markets
Session 158PMigration and Development Policies
Session 159PExports and Growth
Session 160PSchools, Schooling, and Public Policy
Session 161PEnvironmental Economics
Session 162PPublic Economics II
Session 169PCoordinationist Macroeconomics