Southern Economic Association Conference

Sessions Listing

*Session organized by SEA President-Elect

Friday,  8:30-10:15 a.m.

Session 1A*Health Policy Issues
Session 2ATechnology, Trade, and Firms
Session 3ACentral Bank Behavior
Session 4ARegional Growth and Change
Session 5AEconomic Fluctuations
Session 6AExperiments
Session 7A*Income Distribution: An International Perspective
Session 8ACompensation Policies and Outcomes
Session 9ALabor and the Macroeconomy
Session 10AEmpirical Studies in Industrial Organization
Session 11AWhen Teens Go Bad: Incentives and Undesirable Behavior
Session 12AThe Economics of Leviathan
Session 13ATopics on Earnings, Managerial Compensation, and Gender Inequality
Session 14ADemand for Environmental Quality
Session 15AApplied Economic Issues I
Session 16AAn Election 2000 Post Mortem: Feminist Perspectives
Session 17A*Session in Honor of James J. Heckman: I Econometric Applications to Education
Session 18A*Political Economy of Exchange Rates
Session 19ACatallaxy and Public Finance
Session 20A*Economics of natural hazards - Windstorm and Earthquakes

Friday,  10:30-12:15 p.m.

Session 21B*Panel on Volatility and Economic Growth in Oil-Exporting Countries
Session 22BThe Effects of Globalization on Economic Activity
Session 23B*Association Lecture
Session 24B*Advances in Economic Psychology
Session 25B*Social Security: Policy Analysis from the Trenches
Session 26BTopics in Financial Economics
Session 27B*New Methods in Inequality Measurements
Session 28B*Topics in Panel Data Analysis
Session 29BGender and Labor Markets
Session 30BMacroeconomics I
Session 31BMoney and Its Effects
Session 32BAspects of Demand
Session 33BThe Economics of Environmental Management: Part One
Session 34BEconomic History and Economic Development: Selected Topics
Session 35BMacroeconomic Data Analysis Techniques
Session 36BTaxing and Spending: Part One
Session 37B*Session in Honor of James J. Heckman II
Session 38BOmicron Delta Epsilon
Session 39BContemporary Research in Austrian Economics I
Session 40B*Economics of Natural Hazards - Windstorm

Friday,  1:30-3:15 p.m.

Session 41C*Financing Private and Public Schools in the 21st Century
Session 42C*R&D: Incentives and Effects
Session 43C*Environmental Policy
Session 44CGrowing Canada - United States Economic Linkages
Session 45C*Social Security: More Policy Research from the Trenches
Session 47C*What's New in Labor Market Surveys
Session 48C*Topics in Postsample Forecasting
Session 49C*The Supply and Demand for Child Care: What is the Role of Child Care Subsidies?
Session 50C*Racial Differences in Credit Market Outcomes
Session 51C*Topics in Public Sector Economics
Session 52CEmpirical Studies in Microeconmic Dynamics
Session 53CLabor Markets
Session 54CPolitical Structure and Economic Growth
Session 55CMethodology and History of Thought
Session 56CEmpirical Studies in Law and Economics
Session 57CThe Economics of Environmental Management: Part Two
Session 58CExperimental Exonomics
Session 59CContemporary Research in Austrian Economics II
Session 60C*Session in Honor of James J. Heckman: III Assessing Nonexperimental Treatment Effects

Friday,  3:30-4:30p.m.

Session 61D*Distinguished Guest Lecture

Friday,  4:30p.m.

Session 62E*Presentation of the Fourteenth Annual Georgescu-Roegen Prize in Economics for the Best Article Published During the Past Year in the Southern Economic Journal
Session 63E*Post-Lecture Cash Bar and Job Market Poster-Fair

Saturday,  8:30-10:15 a.m.

Session 65FWhat's On the Internet for Economists: An Update
Session 66F*Political Economy of Growth and Development
Session 67F*Trade Policy
Session 68FShocking Behavior
Session 69F*Restructuring Electric Markets
Session 70F*Micro-Econometrics (Applications)
Session 71F*Public Economics: Issues in Taxation
Session 72F*The New Urban Economic History
Session 73F*Economics of Homelessness
Session 74FMigration Choices and Outcomes
Session 75FLabor Market Policies
Session 76FEmpirical Studies of Potential Collusion
Session 77FEconomics in the Classroom
Session 78FThe Valuation of Property: Empirical Studies
Session 79FEconomics of Innovation
Session 80FPublic Policy and Industry Study I
Session 81FService Learning in the Economics Curriculum
Session 82FContemporary Research in Austrian Economics III
Session 83FGender Economic Crises and Finance

Saturday,  10:30-12:15 p.m.

Session 85GCasino Gambling and its Economic Effects
Session 86G*Topics in Industrial Organization I
Session 87G*Association Lecture
Session 88GInterest Rates
Session 89GTopics in International and Industrial Economics
Session 90G*Econometrics and Applications
Session 91G*Markets I
Session 92G*Decline in Black Family Incomes, 1990-1998
Session 93GChioices and Outcomes in the Family and Labor Markets
Session 94GEmpirical Studies of Trade and Growth
Session 95GFinance
Session 96GRent Seeking
Session 97GBanking II
Session 98GThe Economics of Health Insurance: Part One
Session 99GInternational Economics and Finance Society
Session 100GPublic Policy and Industry Study II
Session 101GApplied Economic Issues II
Session 102GVirginia Political Economy and Austrian Economics
Session 103GOutdoor Recreation Demand
Session 104GCommittee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession - COFFE Video

Saturday,  1:00-3:15 p.m.

Session 105H*The Economics of Art Markets
Session 106H*Topics in Industrial Organization II
Session 107H*Law and Economics
Session 108HExternalities and Regional Development
Session 110H*Micro-Econometrics (Theory)
Session 111H*Markets II
Session 112H* New Perspectives on Monetary and Financial History
Session 113H*Race as an Endogenous Variable: Theory, Measurement, and Policy
Session 114HTrade and Finance Models
Session 115HMacroeconomics II
Session 116HTopics in Public Choice
Session 117HPublic Finance in the Rest of the World
Session 118HThe Provision of Health Care Service
Session 119HInternational Economics and Finance Society
Session 120HTransforming and Reimaging Women and Courses in the Economics Curriculum
Session 121HThe Economics of Worker Benefits
Session 122HGraduate Student Paper Competition
Session 123HMeasuring and Valuing the Impact of Animal Waste on Water Quality

Saturday,  3:30-4:20p.m.

Session 125J*Southern Economic Association Presidential Address
Session 126J*Southern Economic Association Business Meeting

Saturday,  5:00-6:00p.m.

Session 127KGeorge Mason University - Center for the Study of Public Choice - Cocktail Party
Session 128KUniversity of Kentucky - Department of Economics - Cocktail Party
Session 129KOklahoma State University - Eonomistics Society - Cocktail Party
Session 130KSociety for the Development of Austrian Economics - Cocktail Party & Dinner

Sunday,  8:30-10:15 a.m.

Session 135M*The SEA: Provincial Dinosaur or Potential Dynamo?
Session 136MGrowth
Session 137M*Training and Employment for Low-Skill Workers
Session 138M*Measurement Error (Theory and Applications)
Session 139M*Bargaining and Public Goods
Session 140MWage-Employment Response to Demand Fluctuations
Session 141MPurchasing Parity and Price Movements
Session 142MAntitrust Policy
Session 143MAspects of Production
Session 144MExperiments in the Economics of Education
Session 145MTechnological Advancement and the Changing Context of Public Policy
Session 146MTopics in Forensic Economics I
Session 147MTopics in Internationa Finance
Session 148MThe Economics of Student Achievement
Session 149MTopics in Regional Economics
Session 150M*Local Public Finance
Session 151M*Health Econometrics

Sunday,  10:30-12:15 p.m.

Session 153N*What Should Be Taught in Introductory Economics?
Session 154NMacroeconomics III
Session 155N*Welfare Participation and Outcomes
Session 156N*Labor Econometrics (Applications)
Session 158NStrategic Behavior in Market
Session 159NCurrency Crises
Session 160NPublic Economics and Policy
Session 161NTaxing and Spending: Part Two
Session 162NContemporary Research in Austrian Economics IV
Session 163NGender/Childcare Issues in Transition Economics
Session 164NRoundtable on Earnings and Work Experience of Disabled Workers - Data for Assessment
Session 165NBanking I
Session 166NEfficient Pricing in Telephony and Electric Markets

Sunday,  12:30-2:15 p.m.

Session 171PEconomic Development
Session 172PBehavioral Economics
Session 173PThe Economics of Welfare
Session 174P*Education Policy
Session 175P*Risk Preferences and Individual Decision Making
Session 176PEconomics of Utilities and Transportation
Session 177PExchange Rates and Interest Rates
Session 178PThe Economics of Health Insurance: Part Two
Session 179PNatural Resource Economics: Selected Topics
Session 180PContemporary Research in Austrian Economics V
Session 182PTopics in Forensic Economics II