Southern Economic Association Conference

Program Sessions

Saturday,  8:00 - 9:45 am

Session 1A*Spatial Econometrics and Applications
Session 2AGrowth
Session 3A*Market-Based Incentives for Environmental Control: Emissions Trading Markets
Session 4A*Issues in Public Sector Economics
Session 5AForecasting: Price Expectations and Expenditures
Session 6AHealth Issues and Labor
Session 7AR&D and Asset Specificity
Session 8ATopics in Public Choice
Session 9AGovernment Policy at the Federal Level
Session 10ATopics in Trade Liberalization and Protectionism
Session 11AGrowth Empirics: Part One
Session 12AInnovative Ways to Teach Economics to Undergraduates
Session 13ADeposit Insurance Issues
Session 14AUrban and Regional Economics
Session 15ATopics in Health Economics: Part One
Session 16A*Laboratory Experiments and Risk References
Session 17A*NSF Funding in Economics: A Panel Discussion by Current and Former Program Directors
Session 18AAustrian Perspectives on Economic Development

Saturday,  10:00 - 11:00 am

Session 23B*Association Lecture

Saturday,  11:15 am - 3:45 pm

Session 24C*Southern Economic Association Board of Trustees Meeting and Luncheon

Saturday,  11:15 am - 1:00 pm

Session 25C*Estimating the Returns to Human Capital Investments
Session 27C*Market-Based Incentives for Environmental Control: "Green Goodwill"
Session 28C*Social Networks
Session 29CLiquidity Traps and Bank Performance
Session 30CLabor Force Participation
Session 31CAirline Industry
Session 32CTopics in Financial Economics
Session 33CElection Outcomes
Session 35CGrowth Empirics: Part One
Session 36CFaculty Development Workshop: Using Active Learnig to Improve Classroom Performance
Session 37CEconomic Freedom
Session 38CRenewable Resources and the Environment
Session 39CThe Economics of Alcohol and Tobacco
Session 40CApplied Economic Issues
Session 41CAntitrust Experiments
Session 42CResearch in Empirical Austrian Economics
Session 43CMentoring Women Economists in Non-Academic Careers
Session 44C*Enviromental Economics
Session 45CRoundtable on Current Issues in Urban & Regional Planning

Saturday,  2:00 - 3:45 pm

Session 51D*The Economics of Crime: Panel Session
Session 52D*Games and Experiments
Session 53DBeing Nice
Session 54DEmpirical Studies in Financial Economics
Session 55DHousing Economics and Fiscal Developments
Session 56DEmpirical Topics in Labor Economics
Session 57DCompetition and Industry Performance
Session 58DTeaching Economics
Session 60DLand, Agriculture, and Environmental Management
Session 61DEconomics of Traffic Safety
Session 62DKorean Economic Issues
Session 63DAntitrust Policy
Session 64DRoundtable on Austrian Monetary - Macro Economics
Session 65DRoundtable on Legal Issues in Higher Education
Session 66D*Environmental Economics I
Session 67DResearch in Austrian Economics I

Saturday,  4:00 - 5:00 pm

Session 69E*Distinguished Guest Lecturer

Saturday,  5:00 pm

Session 70FPresentation of the Fifteenth Annual Georgescu-Roegen Prize in Economics for the Best Article Published During the Past Year in the Southern Economic Journal
Session 71FReceptions

Sunday,  8:00 - 9:45 am

Session 72G*(Wind) Hazards and Risk
Session 73G*The Economics of Discrimination
Session 74G*Experiments Using Nonstandard Subject Pools I
Session 75G*Obstetrimetrics: The Economics of Pregnancy and Abortion
Session 76GBusiness Cycles
Session 77GEarnings Differentials and Immigration
Session 78GAdvertising, Prices, and Competition
Session 79GExperimental and Empirical Applied Microeconomics
Session 80GEmpirical Studies n Financial and Monetary Economics
Session 81GTopics in Economic History
Session 82GThe Pricing and Valuation of Water and Other Environmental Goods
Session 83GWhat's on the Internet for Economists: An Update
Session 84GAnthropometric Economics
Session 85GPublic Macroeconomics
Session 86GTopics in Health Economics: Part Two
Session 87GStudies of Regional International Trade
Session 88GOffsets in Forensic Economics
Session 89GMethodology
Session 90GThe Environment and Development I

Sunday,  10:00 - 11:00 am

Session 94H*Association Lecture

Sunday,  11:15 am - 1:00 pm

Session 95J*Applications in Labor Economics
Session 96J*(Wind) Hazards and Risk - Case Studies
Session 97J*Economics of College and University Fund Raising
Session 98JTopics in the Economics of Aging
Session 99J*New Ph.D. Candidates from Southern Universities
Session 100JIssues in Open Economy Macroeconomics
Session 101JRisky Preferences
Session 102JGender, Rade and Native Americans
Session 103JTopics in Industrial Organization
Session 104JInequality and Poverty
Session 105JEmpirical Studies in International Trade
Session 106JThe Economics of Waste and Energy
Session 108JTheoretical Issues in Public Economics
Session 109JTopics in Health Economics: Part Three
Session 110JInternational Trade and Finance
Session 111JIssues Relating to Offsets Between Damage Elements in Forensic Economics
Session 112JRoundtable on Privatizing Government Universities
Session 113JEnvironment and Development II
Session 114JMacroeconomy, Financial Market, and Public Policy I
Session 115J*De-dismalizing the Science: Successful Approaches to Teaching the Principles of Economics: Panel Discussion

Sunday,  2:00 - 3:45 pm

Session 120KUncertain Decisions
Session 121K*Continuous-Time Growth and Macro Models with Uncertainty
Session 122K*Empirical Industrial Organization
Session 123K*The Worlds of William Breit
Session 124KEmpirical Topics in Monetary Economics
Session 125KEnergy Economics
Session 126KTopics in Labor Economics I
Session 127KContracting, Transaction Costs, and Inventories
Session 128KTopics in Economic Development: International Issues
Session 129KRace and Ethnic Discrimination
Session 130KPublic Economics in the Rest of the World
Session 131KTopics in Health Economics: Part Four
Session 132KInternational Trade
Session 133KNew Evidence in Forensic Analysis
Session 134KEconomics of Ludwig Mises
Session 135KCoastal Management
Session 136KMacroeconomy, Financial Market, and Public Policy II
Session 137K*Environmental Economics II
Session 138K*Methods and Policy Issues in Health Economics and Health Administration

Sunday,  4:00 - 5:00 pm

Session 139L*Southern Economic Association Presidential Address

Sunday,  5:00 pm

Session 140M*Southern Economic Association Business Meeting
Session 145MGeorge Mason University - Center for the Study of Public Choice
Cocktail Party (Cash Bar)
Session 146MReception to Honor William Brett, Trinity University
Co-hosted by Trinity University and the University of Virginia
Session 147MDuke University - Department of Economics
Cocktail Party (Cash Bar)
Session 148MSociety for the Development of Austrian Economics
Cash Bar
Session 149MAnnual Banquet, Awards Ceremony, and Presidential Address

Monday,  8:30 - 10:15 am

Session 150N*Online Auctions
Session 152N*Environmental Policy I
Session 154NBank Regulation
Session 155NEconmetric Methods
Session 156NTopics in Industrial Organization II
Session 157NForeign Direct Investment
Session 158NEconomics of Disability
Session 159NThe Economics of Student Achievement
Session 160NState Tax and Expenditure Policies
Session 161NWage Determination
Session 162NStudies of Exchange Rate Volatility and Stability
Session 163NEnvironmental Management
Session 166NTopics on Small Businesses
Session 167NResearch in Austrian Economics II

Monday,  10:30 am - 12:15 pm

Session 172P*Econometric Applications in Welfare, Fertility, and Health
Session 173P*Experiments Using Nonstandard Subject Pools II
Session 174P*Environmental Policy II
Session 176PMonetary Policy Rules
Session 177PTopics in Applied Microeconomics
Session 178PTopics in Labor Economics II
Session 179PStudies in International Finance
Session 180PSpace and Public Economics
Session 181PInequality in School Resources
Session 182PRegional Economic Issues
Session 183PCharity, Churches, and Household Finance
Session 185PValuation Methods
Session 189PGraduate Student Session on Austrian Economics