Southern Economic Association Conference

Program Sessions

Sunday,  8:00 am

Session 1A*Drinking and Driving
Session 2A*Lurching Towards Competition in Telecommunications
Session 3A*The Economic History of Coinage
Session 4A*Empricial Studies in the Airline Industry
Session 5A*R&D, Spillovers, and Industry Performance
Session 6A*Unintended Consequences of Regulation
Session 7A*I.O. Applications to Health Economics
Session 8A*Capital: Scope and Structure
Session 9AGames and Experiments
Session 10AUrban and Regional Economics
Session 11AEnvironmental Management
Session 12AApplied Austrian Economics
Session 13ATrade and Convergence
Session 14AExperimenters and Econometricians I: Learning and Strategic Dynamics
Session 15AUnique Problems Faced by the Forensic Economist
Session 16ALife in the Fast Lane
Session 17ATopics in Industrial Organization: Part One
Session 18AEconometric Methods I
Session 19ASticky Prices and Cycles
Session 20AHuman Capital and Wages
Session 21ACurrency Fluctuations and Economic Outcomes
Session 22AInflation

Sunday,  10:00 am

Session 23B*Association Lecture
Session 24BSouthern Economic Association Board of Trustees Luncheon Meeting
Session 223B23.5B Jump Bidding and Auctions

Sunday,  12:00 pm

Session 25C*Oxford Economic Papers
Session 26C*Empirical Determinants of Suicidal Behavior
Session 28C*Human Capital Issues: Focus on Women
Session 29C*Higher Education and Issues Related to Access
Session 30C*Economics of Health Services in Developing Countries
Session 32C*Austrian Critiques of Neoclassical Economics
Session 33C*Econometrics and Applications
Session 34C*Papers on Money and Economic History
Session 35CHow About Calling it "Forest Economics"
Session 36CKant, Continental Philosophy, and Austrian Economics
Session 37CGrowth, trade, Tax Competition, and Globalization
Session 38CExperiments for Defense Applications
Session 39CIssues in Measuring Damages in Loss of Household/Family Services
Session 40CHealth Economics I: Public Policy
Session 41CTopics in Law and Economics
Session 42C*Economic Education: A Poster Potpourri
Session 43CFinancial Economics
Session 44CMacroeconomics
Session 45CThe Economics of Lotteries

Sunday,  2:00 pm

Session 47DTopics in Economic History
Session 48DComparative Monetary Regimes
Session 49DEmpirical Industrial Organization
Session 50DOpen Economy Macroeconomics
Session 51D*Issues in Public Sector Economics
Session 52D*Labor Issues in Health Economics
Session 53D*Philip Mirowski's Machine Dreams: A Panel Discussion
Session 54D*Topics in Economics
Session 55D*Micro-Econometric Applications
Session 56DUnions, Training, and Wages
Session 57DEnvironmental Vauation
Session 58DFritz Machlup: A Centenary Appreciation
Session 59DTrade and Wages
Session 60DExperimenters and Econometricians II: Precision, Endogeneity, Selection and Identification
Session 61DEstimation Problems in Forensic Reports
Session 62DPublic Choice I
Session 63DTopics in Industrial Organization: Part Two
Session 64DEconometric Methods II
Session 65DSome Economic Effects of Religion and Religious Freedom
Session 66DEconomics of Labor Supply
Session 67DExchange Rate Determination
Session 68D*Topics in Sports Economics

Sunday,  4:00 pm

Session 69E*Distinguished Guest Lecture

Sunday,  5:00 pm

Session 70FGeorgescu-Rogen Prize in Economics
Session 71FPost-Lecture Cash Bar and Job Market Poster Fair

Monday,  8:00 am

Session 72G*The German Social Market Economy - A Critical Re-Appraisal
Session 73G*Applications in Labor Economics
Session 74G*The Economics of Higher Education
Session 75G*International Economic Thought and Policy
Session 76G*Studies of Industrial Collusion
Session 77G*Technology and Growth
Session 79GPrice Responsiveness of the Health Care Industry: Evidence from Medicaid, Medicare, and the Pharmaceutical Industry
Session 80GThe Teaching of Economics
Session 81GEconomic Issues in the Middle East
Session 82GAgricultural and Natural Resource Economics
Session 83GRoundtable on Teaching Austrian Economics to Undergraduates
Session 84GExchange Rate Economics
Session 85GCharitable Giving
Session 86GEconomic Development and Growth
Session 87GEconomic Analysis of Energy Markets
Session 88GLabor Economics
Session 89GInternational Trade
Session 90GRegulation and Economic Outcomes
Session 91G*The Economics of Reparations
Session 92GIndustrial Organization Theory
Session 93GTopics in Microeconomics

Monday,  10:00 am

Session 94H*Association Lecture
Session 294H94.5H Austrian Business Cycle Theory
Session 394H94.75H Wireless Experiments in the Classroom: Technology Demonstration and Discussion

Monday,  12:00 pm

Session 95JMonetary Policy and Financial Markets
Session 96J*A Panel Discussion on 'How to Make Economics the Sexy Social Science'
Session 97J*EU Accession of Transition Economies
Session 98J*Economic History of the American West
Session 99J*Issues in Health Economics
Session 100J*Infant and Child Well-being
Session 101J*Econometric Analysis of Oil and Gas Production
Session 102J*Economics of Charter Schools
Session 103J*Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers: A Critique
Session 104JEconomic Issues in Latin America
Session 105JEnvironment in Developing Countries
Session 106JDon Lavoie Memorial Graduate Student Paper Session
Session 107JEmpirical Open Economy Macroeconomics
Session 108JEliciting Preferences and Perceptions
Session 109JInternational Economics and Public Policy
Session 110JEducation I: College Tuition and Financial Aid
Session 111JTechnology and Growth
Session 112JTheory of Market Structure and Performance: Part One
Session 113JCentral Bank Independence
Session 114JEconomics and Pensions
Session 115JInternational Finance and Political Economy
Session 116JSchooling, Health, and Housing

Monday,  2:00 pm

Session 117K*Environmental Economics: Mackerels to Nuclear Waste
Session 118KInternational Monetary Economics
Session 119KIssues in State and Local Economics
Session 120K*Studies in Pre-War Monetary Economics
Session 121K*Current Issues in Health Insurance Markets
Session 122K*The Economics of Native Americans
Session 123K*Trade and Policy in Developing Economies
Session 124K*The Economics of Teacher Attrition and Teacher Assignment
Session 125K*Family Well-Being and Public Policy
Session 126KDiscrimination in the Workplace
Session 127KChildren, Asthma and the Environment: Economic Perspectives
Session 128KCalculation and the Firm
Session 129KInternational Patents, R&D, and Monopolies
Session 130KDynamic Games, Tax Compliance and Non Parametric Tests
Session 131KApplied Economic Issues
Session 132KHealth Economics II: Doctors and Patients
Session 133KMore on Growth and Development
Session 134KEmpirical Studies of Market Structure and Performance
Session 135KEconomics and Inequality
Session 136KEconomics of Immigration and Worker Quality
Session 137KEmpirical Research on Antitrust and Regulation
Session 138KEconomic Growth: Theory and Evidence

Monday,  4:00 pm

Session 139M*SEA Presidential Address
Recent Developments in Experiential Economics: Teaching and Research
Session 140MAnnual Business Meeting of the Southern Economic Association

Tuesday,  8:30 am

Session 150N*Topics in Public Finance
Session 151N*Issues in Environmental Regulation
Session 152N*Economic Growth and Change
Session 153NHealth Economics: Health Insurance Plan Choice
Session 154NEducational Expenditures: Determinants and Effects
Session 155NEconomic Welfare I: Family Issues
Session 156NHealth Economics IV
Session 157NAsian Economics
Session 158NTheory of Market Structure and Performance: Part Two
Session 159NSupply Shocks
Session 160NEnvironmental Justice: Fact or Fiction?
Session 161NContemporary Research in Austrian Economics
Session 162NTopics in Open Economy Macroeconomics
Session 163NProceedings from the 2002 NSF Workshop on Classroom Experiments in Economics at the College of William and Mary
Session 164NStudies in Microeconomics
Session 166NResearch and Development and Trade
Session 167NNew Frontiers in the Analysis of Gas and Electric Markets
Session 168NConsequences of Economic Reform in Countries in Transition: The Armenian Case
Session 169NNo Child Left Behind: Access, Equality, and Achievement
Session 170N*Echos of Henry George in Modern Analysis

Tuesday,  10:30 am

Session 172P*Resolving Bargaining Disputes with Arbitration
Session 173P*Empirical Topics in International Economics
Session 174P*Modeling Undesirable Outputs in Production
Session 175PPublic Choice II
Session 176PEducation II: School and Curricular Choice
Session 177PEconomic Welfare II: Income and Savings
Session 178PHealth Economics II
Session 179PUtilities, Communications, and Gasoline Markets
Session 180PAssorted Topics in Microeconomics
Session 181PMonetary Control and Stabilization
Session 182PManagement of the Environment
Session 183PRoundtable: Do Economists Reach a Conclusion?
Session 184PEmpirical International Microeconomics
Session 185PField Experments and Experiments with Non Standard Subject Pools
Session 186PStudies in Financial Economics
Session 187PTaxation and Revenues
Session 188PGovernment Expenditures
Session 190P*Current Issues in International Trade and Finance