Southern Economic Association Conference
Program Sessions

Friday,  8:00 am

Session 1A*Economics of Governance
Session 2A*Issues in Education I
Session 3A*Issues in Regional Macroeconomics
Session 4A*Topics in Law and Economics
Session 5A*How NSF's SESTAT Data Can Inform Policy
Session 6AHayek
Session 7AEconomics of Wind Hazards
Session 8ATopics in Wage Determination
Session 9AExchange Rates, Monetary Policy, and the Macroeconomy
Session 10Aapplied Economic History: Part One
Session 11AGrowth and Development
Session 12AEliciting Preference and Attitudes
Session 13AOil Price Shocks, Aggregate Supply Shocks, and the Macroeconomy
Session 14AInflation
Session 15A*Controlling Externalities: Private transactions Versus Alternatives
Session 16A*Topics in the Economics of Education

Friday,  10:00 am

Session 17B*Topics in Electronic Commerce
Session 18B*Health Economics
Session 19B*Collective Action
Session 20B*Law and Economics
Session 21B*Issues in Educational Policy
Session 22BEmpirical Approaches to Austrian Business
Session 23B*Issues in Education II
Session 24BEconomics of the Internet
Session 25BEconomics of Child Wlfare Programs and Policy
Session 26BApplied Econmics History: Part Two
Session 27BNew Developments in Time Series Analysis
Session 28BMarkets, Auctions and Games
Session 29BInternational Economics Topics
Session 30BFinancial Economics
Session 31BMonetary and Macro Models: New Findings
Session 32B*Sports Effects
Session 33BBoard of Trustees Luncheon Meeting

Friday,  1:15 pm

Session 34C*Empirical Issues in Monetary Economics
Session 35C*Economic History Studies
Session 36C*Public Policy and Economics
Session 36.5C*The Immigrant Experience
Session 37C*Health Economics Topics
Session 38C*Oxford Economic Papers
Session 39CTeaching Austrian Macroeconomics
Session 40C*Agent-Based Modeling of Emergent Macro Phenomena
Session 41CGraduate Student Papers I
Session 42CIndustrial Organization
Session 43C*Choice, Competition, and School Efficiency
Session 44CContagion and Integration
Session 45CTrust and Other Regarding Behavior: Theory & Experiments
Session 46CThe Economics of Exports
Session 47CTeaching Economics
Session 48CMonetary Policy
Session 49C*Topics in Internatiaonal Economics

Friday,  3:30 pm

Session 50D*Distinguished Guest Lecture

Saturday,  8:00 am

Session 56F*Issues in Empirical Macroeconomics
Session 57FInflation and Risk Sharing
Session 58FActive Learning Strategies for Promoting Literacy in the Economics Principles
Session 59F*The Economics of Native Americans I
Session 60F*Home Investments and Family Outcomes
Session 61F*The Economics of Crime
Session 62F*Institutions and Economic Progress
Session 63F*Sports Labor Markets
Session 64FUrban and Regional Economics
Session 65FHealth Care Spending
Session 66FOutside Influences on Economics
Session 67FMacroeconomics and Public Policy
Session 68FIssues in Preparing a Forensic Analysis
Session 69FTopics in Labor Economics
Session 70FApplied Economic Issues
Session 71FTopics in International Finance
Session 72FPublic Goods and Charitable Contributions
Session 73FDiscrimination in Credit Markets
Session 74FLabor Economics: Determinants of Research, Entrepreneurship, and Savings Rate
Session 75FExchange Rates, Investment, and Economic Fluctuations
Session 76F*Measurement Error in Economics: Theory

Saturday,  10:00 am

Session 77G*Trade and Borders
Session 78G*Peer Learning Effects Among College Students
Session 79G*Distributions of Income, Poverty and Well-Being
Session 80G*The Economics of Native Americans II
Session 81G*Dynamic Models in Labor and Demography
Session 82G*Uncertainty in Macroeconomics and International Finance
Session 83G*Curses: A Session to Highlight the Publication of Common Value Auctions and the Winner's Curse, by John Kagel and Dan Levin (Princeton University Press, 2002)
Session 84G*Evaluation of Vehicle Emission Policies
Session 85GSubstances: Licit and Illicit
Session 86GTopics in Health Economics: Part One
Session 87GEntrepreneurship
Session 88GFinancial Markets & Cyclical Analysis
Session 89GDisabilities and Forensic Economics
Session 90GConsumer Behavior and the Environment
Session 91GThe Economics of Information and Uncertainty
Session 92GNew Developments in International Trade Theory
Session 93GExperimental Analyses of Inter-Ethnic and Inter-Racial Effects on Economic Behavior
Session 94GGovernment Spending: Impact and Determinants
Session 95GStudies of the Business Cycle
Session 96GGraduate Student Papers II
Session 97G*Measurement Error in Economics: Practice

Saturday,  1:00 pm

Session 98HAssociation Lecture: "Using Subjective Outcomes in Economics"

Saturday,  2:15 pm

Session 99J*Virginia Political Economy
Session 100J*No Child (or Adult) Left Behind? Studies in the Economics of Education
Session 101JTelecommunications
Session 102J*Economic History of the American West
Session 103J*Auction Design: Theory and Experiment
Session 104J*Depression Economics
Session 105JThe Economics of Higher Education
Session 106J*Incentives and Organizations
Session 107JPublic choice, Law, Economics
Session 108JTopics in Health Economics, Part Two
Session 109JStocktaking and Prospects
Session 110JIndustry Study
Session 111JEstimating Losses in a Forensic Environment
Session 112JEnvironment Policy
Session 113JTopics in International, Technology, and Productivity
Session 114JNew Developments in Empirical International Trade
Session 115JExperiments in Law and Economics
Session 116JIssues in Public Sector Economics
Session 117JNew Techniques in Econometrics
Session 118JStudies in Macroeconomics and Inflation
Session 119J*Well Being and Disability Status

Saturday,  4:15 pm

Session 120KPresidential Address

Saturday,  5:15 pm

Session 121LAnnual Business Meeting

Sunday,  8:00 am

Session 130M*Economic Education II
Session 131M*Some Issues in Organization
Session 132M*Voting Referenda
Session 133M*Women and the Labor Market
Session 134M*Environmental and Resource Economics
Session 135M*Empirical Airline Studies I
Session 136M*Issues of Economic Integration in East Asia
Session 137M*Topics in Trade
Session 138M*Trust and Trustworthiness in Bargaining Games
Session 139M*West Virginia Political Economy
Session 140MMoney and Macro
Session 141MEnvironmental Management: Valuation and Assessment
Session 142MFamilies and Households
Session 143MEconomic Analysis of Ecosystems
Session 144MPoverty and Welfare
Session 145MEmpirical Analysis of Trade Agreements
Session 146MBargaining Games
Session 147MBank and Firm Performance
Session 148MProductivity Growth in Development
Session 149MTopics in Wage Determination #2
Session 150MGraduate Student Papers III

Sunday,  10:00 am

Session 151N*Economic Education I
Session 152N*Health Policy and Health Service Utilization
Session 153N*Compensation Issues
Session 154N*Topics in Labor Economics: Gender, Race, Seniority, and Compensation
Session 155N*Costly Lobbying
Session 156N*Empirical Airline Studies II
Session 157N*Political Economy and Elections
Session 158N*Econometrics and Applications
Session 159N*Experimental Public Goods
Session 160N*Low-Income Housing Policy
Session 161NIndustrial Organization
Session 162N*Networks: Theory and Experimentation
Session 163NEnvironmental management II: Rivers, Beaches, and Oceans
Session 164NInternational Environmental Economics
Session 165NStudent Achievement
Session 166NTopics in International Economics
Session 167NPolicy Experiments
Session 168NIncome Distribution and Economic Development
Session 169NEndogenous Growth and Development
Session 170NTopics in Labor Supply
Session 171NThe Costs and Benefits of Pharmaceuticals

Sunday,  12:30 pm

Session 172P*Sports Miscellaneous
Session 173P*Health and Labor Markets
Session 174P*Economic Issues in Child Care and Development
Session 175P*Corruption
Session 176PGraduate Student Papers IV
Session 177P*Applications in Spatial Econometrics
Session 178P*Issues in Public Economics Theory
Session 179P*Empirical Studies in Growth and Financial Markets
Session 180P*The Disparate Impacts of Fiscal and Monetary Policy
Session 181P*Classroom Experiments
Session 182PDon Lavoie Memorial Graduate Student Paper Session
Session 183PLaw and Economics II
Session 184PUrban Amenities: Sports and Housing
Session 185P*State and Local Public Economics
Session 186PElementary and High School Education: Economic Issues
Session 187P*The Mexican Economy
Session 188PTopics in Public Sector Economics
Session 189PStock Price and Volatility
Session 190PDevelopment Policy: Part One
Session 191PLabor Mobility
Session 192PCapital Flows: Puzzles and Paradoxes

Sunday,  2:30 pm

Session 193QSavings
Session 194QThe Economics of Lotteries
Session 195QInternational Investment
Session 196QEconomics of Partially Regulated Industries
Session 197QThe Economics of Options and Assets
Session 198QBorder Effects
Session 199QTeaching Economics: Attendance Policies and Efficient Learning
Session 200QTopics in Microeconomic Analysis
Session 201QCurrent Issues in Telecommunicatins
Session 202Q*Field Experiments
Session 203QFirms and Markets
Session 204QIndustrial Organization and Antitrust: International Perspectives
Session 205QEmpirical Studies of Monetary Policy
Session 206QEnvironmental Economics
Session 207QEmpirical and Theoretical Studies in Macroeconomics
Session 208Q*Rent Seeking and Legislation
Session 209Q*Public Policies and Property Values
Session 211QDevelopment Policy: Part Two
Session 212QTopics in Labor Economics