Southern Economic Association 2005 Program Sessions


Friday, 8:00 a.m.

Session 1A Interregional and International Public Choice
Session 2A Topics in Macroeconomics
Session 3A Economics of Higher Education
Session 4A* Economics Meets Psychology
Session 5A Symposium on Economic Development, Transition Economics, and Globalization: Austrian and Public Choice Perspectives: I
Session 6A Topics in International Economics
Session 7A Expectations and Intentions
Session 8A Tax Policy I
Session 9A Economic Growth and Trade Patterns
Session 10A Private Responses to Environmental Policy
Session 11A Measuring Income and Preferences
Session 12A* Time, Money, and Capital Structure
Session 13A* Skin Shade, Social Status and Marriage
Session 14A* U.S. Brewing
Session 15A* Side Effects of Inflation Targeting
Session 16A* Generosity, Theories of Risk-Taking, and the Methodology of Experiments
Session 17A Graduate Student Session 1 - The Economics of Investment and Saving
Session 18A Airline Bankruptcy Issues
Session 19A Topics in International Finance
Session 20A Agent-Based Models of Herding and Contagious Dynamics
Session 21A* Law and Economics
Session 22A* Network Economics and Formation I


Friday, 10:00 a.m.

Session 23B* Work at Home
Session 24B Monetary Stabilization
Session 25B Inequality
Session 26B* Sports and Consumers
Session 27B Symposium on Economic Development, Transition Economics, and Globalization: Austrian and Public Choice Perspectives: II
Session 28B Trade and Economic Transition
Session 29B Information and Asset Markets
Session 30B Tax Policy II
Session 31B Urban Economic Issues
Session 32B Environment and Development
Session 33B* New Approaches to the Economics of Education
Session 34B* Uses of Time at Home and in the Labor Market
Session 35B* Effects of Government Health Programs
Session 36B* Antidumping Petition Filings and Outcomes
Session 37B* Social Preferences I
Session 38B* Information
Session 39B Airport Congestion Issues
Session 40B Empirical Economics
Session 41B Economic Applications of Social Networks
Session 42B* Learning
Session 43B* Network Economics and Formation II


Friday, 11:15 a.m.

Session 44BC SEA Board of Trustees Luncheon Meeting


Friday, 1:15 p.m.

Session 45C* Producing Success on the Athletic Field
Session 46C Monetary Policy Rules
Session 47C Women in the Workplace, in School, and as Professors
Session 48C Ecological Economics I
Session 49C International Perspectives on Austrian Methodology
Session 50C Entrepreneurship and Technology
Session 51C Crime
Session 52C Industrial Organization I
Session 53C Monetary Neutrality
Session 54C International Environmental Economics
Session 55C* Psychological Influences in Economic Decision Making
Session 56C* Determinants of Health Behaviors
Session 57C* Economics of Giving
Session 58C* Social Preferences II
Session 59C School Choice I
Session 60C* Labor and Human Capital in Transition Economies
Session 61C Issues in Trade Policy
Session 62C U.S. Environmental Policy: The Green Industry, Productivity, and Technological Change
Session 63C Computational Industrial Organization
Session 64C Topics in Post-Secondary Education
Session 65C* Network Economics and Formation III


Friday, 3:15 p.m.

Session 66D* Status and Interpersonal Comparisons
Session 67D Equity Prices I
Session 68D Social Production of Norms, Identities, and Knowledge
Session 69D Ecological Economics II
Session 70D Property Rights in the Information Age
Session 71D Trade Liberalization and Labor Market
Session 72D Individual Decision Making Experiments
Session 73D* Designing Regulatory Programs for Greenhouse Gases
Session 74D Economics of Sports
Session 75D Benefits, Costs, and Risks
Session 76D Empirical Studies of Entry
Session 77D* Regional/Preferential Trade Agreements I
Session 78D* Issues in Health Care
Session 79D School Choice II
Session 80D* Public Choice Perspectives on the Judiciary and Common Law
Session 81D* Normative Implications of Heuristics
Session 82D* Labor Market Data and Research
Session 83D The Economics of Polluting Plants
Session 84D Game Theory and Experiments
Session 85D Sports, Education, Highways, and the Hobbesian Jungle
Session 86D* Topics in Economic Growth


Friday, 5:15 p.m.

Session 87Ea* Distinguished Guest Lecture


Friday, 6:15 p.m.

Session 88Eb* Presentation of the 19th Annual Georgescu-Roegen Prize in Economics for the Best Article Published During the Past Year in the Southern Economic Journal


Friday, 6:30 p.m.

Session 89F Post-Lecture Cash Bar and Job Market Poster Fair


Saturday, 8:00 a.m.

Session 94G* Research in Economic Education
Session 95G Equity Prices II
Session 96G Regional Economic Issues
Session 97G Topics in International Economics
Session 98G Money, Banking, and the State
Session 99G Public Policy and Macroeconomics
Session 100G Institutions, Trust, and Efficiency
Session 101G Regulation, Utilities, and Transportation
Session 102G Topics in Forensic Economics
Session 103G Environmental and Natural Resource Policy
Session 104G The Economics of Elementary and Secondary Education
Session 105G* Oxford Economic Papers
Session 106G* Market Experiments I
Session 107G* Topics in International Trade and Finance
Session 108G* FDI and Outsourcing
Session 109G* New Directions in Group Size Effects and in Public Goods Provision
Session 110G* Sports Economics
Session 111G Graduate Student Session 2 - Topics in Applied Microeconomics
Session 112G Topics in Policy Economics
Session 113G U.S. Economic Development in the 19th Century
Session 114G Topics in Econometrics
Session 115G* Asymmetric Information in Firms and Bargains


Saturday, 10:00 a.m.

Session 116H* Innovation in Classroom Experiments
Session 117H Corruption, Tax Evasion and Governance
Session 118H Research in Economic Education
Session 119H Issues in Poverty Management
Session 120H Social Capital in the Market Process
Session 121H Applied and Theoretical Microeconomics
Session 122H Game Theory Experiments
Session 123H Industrial Organization II
Session 124H Public Health Data Useful in Forensic Economics
Session 125H Land Use
Session 126H* Emotions and Individual Differences/Behavioral Economics
Session 127H* What is Constraining IMF Effectiveness?
Session 128H* Market Experiments II
Session 129H* Environmental Economics
Session 130H* Political Economy of Trade Policy I
Session 131H* Competition in Local Financial Services Markets
Session 132H* Bad Behavior
Session 133H Issues in Public Sector Economics
Session 134H Socio Economic Factors and Educational Outcomes
Session 135H Institutions and Economic History
Session 136H Economic History of Monetary Economics
Session 137H* Electricity Markets and Regulation


Saturday, 1:00 p.m.

Session 138J* Association Lecture


Saturday, 2:15 p.m.

Session 139K* Topics in Public Economics
Session 140K Banking and Currency Crises
Session 141K Pedagogical Practices and Economic Education
Session 142K Environmental Economics II
Session 143K Regulatory Barriers to Electronic Commerce
Session 144K International Studies and Macroeconomics
Session 145K Altruism, Punishment, and the Provision of Public Goods
Session 146K Free and Open Source Software: Production Incentives and the Role of IP Regimes
Session 147K Business Valuation and Commercial Damages in Forensic Economics
Session 148K Biodiversity
Session 149K Environmental Policies
Session 150K* The Global Current Account Imbalance: Alternative Explanations and Possible Resolutions
Session 151K* Empirical Macroeconomics and Time Series Econometrics
Session 152K* Experimental Studies of Decision Making Under Uncertainty
Session 153K* Political Economy of Trade Policy II
Session 154K* Low-Income Housing Policy
Session 155K Education Production I
Session 156K Graduate Student Session 3 - Topics in Experimental Economics
Session 157K Exchange Rates
Session 158K The Economics of Healthcare Regulation
Session 159K Forecasting and Asymmetric Information
Session 160K* Charter on Nonpublic Schools


Saturday, 4:15 p.m.

Session 161La* Southern Economic Association
Presidential Address


Saturday, 5:15 p.m.

Session 162Lb* Southern Economic Association
Business Meeting


Saturday, 6:00 p.m.

Session 163Lc KAEA Cocktail Reception and Panel Discussion of the Korean Economy


Sunday, 8:00 a.m.

Session 170N Determinants of Economic Growth
Session 171N Money, Inflation, and Interest Rates
Session 172N Economic Education
Session 173N Time-Series Econometrics and Applications
Session 174N Developing a Pedagogy of Austrian Macroeconomics
Session 175N Public Choice
Session 176N Auction Experiments
Session 177N Economic Analysis of Voluntary and Regulatory Programs
Session 178N Education Production II
Session 179N Fisheries
Session 180N Economic Impact of Remittances
Session 181N Discrimination and Segmentation
Session 182N Graduate Student Session 4 - Topics in Macroeconomics
Session 183N The Economics of Obstetrics
Session 184N* Post-Secondary Education and Economics
Session 185N Institutions and Governance
Session 186N* Graduate Student Session in Applied Economics
Session 187N Innovation and Technological Change
Session 188N Alfred Schutz and Phenomenological Economics I
Session 189N Individual Choice and Health


Sunday, 10:00 a.m.

Session 190P* Sports Labor Market Issues
Session 191P Topics in Financial Economics
Session 192P Topics in Microeconomics I
Session 193P Macroeconomic Fluctuations
Session 194P New Ideas in Economics and the Law
Session 195P Charities, Public Goods, and Lotteries
Session 196P Industrial Organization Experiments
Session 197P Non-Renewable Resources and Energy
Session 198P Substitution in Retail Energy Demand
Session 199P Beaches
Session 200P Labor Supply
Session 201P* Patient Choice Models in Health Care
Session 202P* Issues in Education
Session 203P* Combinatorial Auctions
Session 204P Schooling and Housing
Session 205P* Econometrics - Development Session
Session 206P Income Inequality and Development
Session 207P Weather and Natural Hazards I
Session 208P Alfred Schutz and Phenomenological Economics II
Session 209P Race, Gender, Poverty and Healthcare I


Sunday, 12:30 p.m.

Session 210Q* Health Policy Issues
Session 211Q Topics in Microeconomics II
Session 212Q The Economics of Gender and Race
Session 213Q Real-Time Data Analysis and Forecasting
Session 214Q Don Lavoie Memorial Graduate Student Paper Competition
Session 215Q Social Issues
Session 216Q Social Networks and the Emergence of Institutions
Session 217Q Renewable Natural Resources
Session 218Q Papers in Political Economy
Session 219Q Brownfield Redevelopment
Session 220Q Aging and the Lifecycle
Session 221Q* Economic and Financial Market Dynamics
Session 222Q* Reputation and Trust: Theory and Experiments
Session 223Q* Social Identity
Session 224Q* Networks and Complexity: Connections With Engineering and Computing
Session 225Q Public Issues
Session 226Q International Equity and Credit Markets
Session 227Q Weather and Natural Hazards II
Session 228Q Government Finances and Economic Growth
Session 229Q Race, Gender, Poverty and Healthcare II


Sunday, 2:30 p.m.

Session 230R Migration, Immigration and International Trade
Session 231R Supply Shocks
Session 232R Impact of Policy Changes and Programs on Educational Attainment in Developing Countries
Session 233R Haykian Themes
Session 234R Economic Issues of Decision-Making
Session 235R Wages, Compensation and Fringe Benefits
Session 236R Empirical Studies on Energy Economics
Session 237R Theories of Market Process
Session 238R Economics of the Family
Session 239R Topics in Demographic Economics
Session 240R Labor and Development
Session 241R Graduate Student Session 5 - Wage Determination and Schooling
Session 242R Family Issues
Session 243R Family Structures and Childhood Outcomes
Session 244R Growth Methodology and Measurement
Session 245R International Capital Flows
Session 246R Development and Transition
Session 247R* Topics in Behavioral Macroeconomics