2006 Sessions for David Bowes

10:00 - 11:45 a.m.
Session 24B
Tools for Teaching Economics

Session Chairs:

Eric R. Dodge, Hanover College and Hanover College


"A Classroom Experiment in Cartel Behavior"
David Bowes, Southeastern Louisiana University (Contact Author)
Jahy Johnson, Southeastern Louisiana University

"Using a Personal Response System to Engage Students in the Classroom"
Joseph Calhoun, Florida State University (Contact Author)

"Using Video Clips From John Stossel to Teach Economics"
Joseph Calhoun, Florida State University
James D. Gwartney, Florida State University

"Economics: The Way We Live. An Experiential Approach to Thinking Like An Economist"
Susan K. Feigenbaum, University of Missouri - St. Louis (Contact Author)
Rik Hafer, Southern University and A&M College


Alan P. Grant, Eastern Illinois University
Linda S. Ghent, Eastern Illinois University
Chien-Ping Chen, University of Houston - Victoria