2006 Sessions for Steven C. Hill

10:00 - 11:45 a.m.
Session 38B*
Nonparametric Methods and Applications


Brent Kreider, Iowa State University

Session Chairs:

Brent Kreider, Iowa State University


"Threshold Crossing Models and Bounds on Treatment Effects: A Nonparametric Analysis"
Edward J. Vytlacil, Columbia University
Azeem Shaikh, Stanford University

"Identification of Binary Outcome Distributions With Multiplicative Contamination"
John V. Pepper, University of Virginia
Brent Kreider, Iowa State University

"Minimum Distance Estimation of Randomly Censored Regression Models With Endogeneity"
Shakeeb Khan, Duke University
Ellie Tamer, Northwestern University

"Partially Identifying Treatment Effects With An Application to Covering the Uninsured"
Brent Kreider, Iowa State University
Steven C. Hill, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


Han Hong, Duke University
Julian Cristia, Congressional Budget Office
Christopher R. Bollinger, University of Kentucky
Philip J. Cross, Georgetown University