2006 Sessions for Jaejoon Woo

10:00 - 11:45 a.m.
Session 192P
Technological Development and Diffusion

Session Chairs:

David Diamond, George Mason University


"Factors Affecting Demand for Hybrid Electric Vehicles in the United States"
David Diamond, George Mason University (Contact Author)

"Knowledge Spillovers, Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation With Group Formation"
Abhra Roy, Kennesaw State University (Contact Author)

"Factor Versus Sector Bias in the Diffusion of Technologies - Industry Evidence"
Ahmed S. Rahman, U.S. Naval Academy (Contact Author)

"Growth, Income Distribution, and Fiscal Policy Volatility"
Jaejoon Woo, DePaul University (Contact Author)


Gustavo Barboza, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Luisa Rocio Blanco Raynal, University of Oklahoma

8:00 - 9:45 a.m.
Session 223T
Migration, Communities, and Location

Session Chairs:

Justin M. Ross, West Virginia University


"Employment Cost of Dislocation: HOPE VI in Atlanta"
Bulent Anil, Georgia State University (Contact Author)
David L. Sjoquist, Georgia State University
Sally Wallace, Georgia State University

"Migration, Demographics, and Voting Outcomes"
Robert R. Dunn, West Virginia University (Contact Author)

"Home Market Effect and Pollution Haven Activities"
Seok-Joon Hwang, Keimyung University (Contact Author)
Jaejoon Woo, DePaul University

"Socializing Behavior and Social Attitude in American Communities"
Abdul Munasib, Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University (Contact Author)
Devesh Roy, International Food Policy Research Institute

"The Role of Uncertainty and Risk Aversion in the Propensity to Migrate"
Justin M. Ross, West Virginia University (Contact Author)


David W. Shideler, Murray State University
Brian J. Osoba, University of Texas - El Paso

10:00 - 11:45 a.m.
Session 248U
Stocks, Technology, and Growth in a Global Economy

Session Chairs:

Kiril Tochkov, Texas Christian University


"Money Demand Stability Under Currency Substitution in Selected African Countries"
Assande Desire Adom, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale (Contact Author)
Subhash C. Sharma, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Akm Mahbub Morshed, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale

"Aid-Allocation Criteria of Donors: Altruism or Trade Benefits"
Javed Younas, West Virginia University (Contact Author)

"University Banking and Growth"
Lili Xie, Ball State University (Contact Author)

"Stock Investability and U.S. Portfolio Inflows in Emerging Market Economies"
Samila A. Jayasuriya, Ohio University (Contact Author)

"The Relationship Between Output Volatility and Growth at the Regional Level: The Case of China"
Kiril Tochkov, Texas Christian University (Contact Author)


Erika Dreyer Morris, University of Michigan
Jaejoon Woo, DePaul University