2006 Sessions for William D. Craighead

1:15 - 3:00 p.m.
Session 55C
Exchange Rates I

Session Chairs:

Stefan C. Norrbin, Florida State University


"Does the Nominal Exchange Rate Regime Really Matter? Evidence From 210 Years of the US-UK Real Exchange Rate"
William D. Craighead, Miami University (Contact Author)

"On the Choice of the Dollar as a Numeraire Currency"
Stefan C. Norrbin, Florida State University (Contact Author)
Onnie Pipatchaipoom, Samford University

"Can the Validation of the Exchange Rate Theory Based on Real Interest Differentials Withstand an Empirical Reassessment?"
Hsin-hui (Ida) Whited, Colorado State University-Pueblo (Contact Author)


Cahit Guven, University of Houston
Abdullah H. Albatel, King Saud University - Riyadh

3:15 - 5:00 p.m.
Session 72D
Graduate Student Award I - Topics in International Economics

Session Chairs:

Dennis Pearson, University of Tennessee - Chattanooga


"Evaluating the Value of the Chinese Yuan"
Jeff Chen, University of Memphis (Contact Author)

"The Environmental Kuznets Curve Through the Lens of Dynamic Optimization"
Bidisha Lahiri, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (Contact Author)

"A Distributional Analysis of the Native-Immigrant Earnings Gap: The Importance of Occupational Segregation"
Dipanwita D. Sarkar, Southern Methodist University (Contact Author)

"The Single Market and the Pharmaceutical Industry in the European Union: Is There Any Evidence of Price Convergence?"
Aysegul Timur, University of South Florida and International College (Contact Author)


William D. Craighead, Miami University
Michael Anderson, Washington and Lee University
Stephen L. S. Smith, Gordon College

10:00 - 11:45 a.m.
Session 123H
Exchange Rates II

Session Chairs:

William Miles, Wichita State University


"Real Rigidities and Optimal Exchange Rate Policy"
William D. Craighead, Miami University (Contact Author)

"Fixed Exchange Rates and Disinflation in Emerging Markets: How Large is the Effect"
Aaron L. Jackson, Bentley College
William Miles, Wichita State University (Contact Author)

"Can Devaluations Be Contractionary? The Role of Liability Dollarization and Imperfect Competition in Banking"
Alina C. Luca, Drexel University
Maria Pia Olivero, Drexel University (Contact Author)


David Y. Chen, North Carolina A&T State University
Jerry L. Stevens, University of Richmond