2006 Sessions for Kanybek Nur-tegin

2:15 - 4:00 p.m.
Session 200R
Transition and Economic Growth

Session Chairs:

Frank R. Gunter, Lehigh University


"Corruption in Iraq: Poor Data, Questionable Policies"
Frank R. Gunter, Lehigh University (Contact Author)

"The Economic Effects of Stability of the Cabinet"
Kanybek Nur-tegin, West Virginia University (Contact Author)

"Private Property Institutions and Economic Growth: Is the Relationship Nonlinear"
Nabanita Nandi, University of Pittsburgh (Contact Author)

"Is Codification of Informal Property Institutions Necessary for Economic Development?"
Carrie B. Kerekes, West Virginia University
Claudia R. Williamson, West Virginia University


Gustavo Barboza, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Utsav Kumar, University of Maryland