2006 Sessions for Bulent Anil

8:00 - 9:45 a.m.
Session 223T
Migration, Communities, and Location

Session Chairs:

Justin M. Ross, West Virginia University


"Employment Cost of Dislocation: HOPE VI in Atlanta"
Bulent Anil, Georgia State University (Contact Author)
David L. Sjoquist, Georgia State University
Sally Wallace, Georgia State University

"Migration, Demographics, and Voting Outcomes"
Robert R. Dunn, West Virginia University (Contact Author)

"Home Market Effect and Pollution Haven Activities"
Seok-Joon Hwang, Keimyung University (Contact Author)
Jaejoon Woo, DePaul University

"Socializing Behavior and Social Attitude in American Communities"
Abdul Munasib, Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University (Contact Author)
Devesh Roy, International Food Policy Research Institute

"The Role of Uncertainty and Risk Aversion in the Propensity to Migrate"
Justin M. Ross, West Virginia University (Contact Author)


David W. Shideler, Murray State University
Brian J. Osoba, University of Texas - El Paso