2006 Sessions for Pamela C. Heaton

2:15 - 4:00 p.m.
Session 201R
Topics in Medicaid

Session Chairs:

Monica Cain, Winston-Salem State University


"A Comparison of Birth Outcomes Among North Carolina African American Women Participating in Alternate Medicaid Prenatal Care Programs"
Monica Cain, Winston-Salem State University (Contact Author)

"Medicaid Funding and Health Outcomes"
Swati Mukerjee, Bentley College
Michael A. Quinn, Bentley College (Contact Author)

"Persistence of High Health Care Expenditures Among Children in Medicaid"
Caprice Knapp, University of Florida (Contact Author)
Elizabeth Shenkman, University of Florida
David Sappington, University of Florida
W. Bruce Vogel, University of Florida
Desmond Schatz, University of Florida

"Differences in the Cost of Antidepressants Across State Medicaid Programs"
Christina M.L. Kelton, University of Cincinnati (Contact Author)
Robert P. Rebelein, Vassar College
Pamela C. Heaton, University of Cincinnati
Yann Ferrand, University of Cincinnati
Jeff J. Guo, University of Cincinnati


Naoko Akashi, California State University - Fullerton
Susan Chen, Purdue University