2006 Sessions for David Diamond

10:00 - 11:45 a.m.
Session 192P
Technological Development and Diffusion

Session Chairs:

David Diamond, George Mason University


"Factors Affecting Demand for Hybrid Electric Vehicles in the United States"
David Diamond, George Mason University (Contact Author)

"Knowledge Spillovers, Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation With Group Formation"
Abhra Roy, Kennesaw State University (Contact Author)

"Factor Versus Sector Bias in the Diffusion of Technologies - Industry Evidence"
Ahmed S. Rahman, U.S. Naval Academy (Contact Author)

"Growth, Income Distribution, and Fiscal Policy Volatility"
Jaejoon Woo, DePaul University (Contact Author)


Gustavo Barboza, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Luisa Rocio Blanco Raynal, University of Oklahoma