2006 Sessions for Jen-Ruey Tsaur

3:15 - 5:00 p.m.
Session 60D
The Economics of Higher Education

Session Chairs:

Wayne A. Grove, Le Moyne College


"Determinants of Business Alumni Executive Giving at a Comprehensive Public University"
Albert A. Okunade, University of Memphis
Phanindra V. Wunnava, David K. Smith Professor of Applied Economics, Middlebury College

"From Ph.D. Program Applicant to Tenured Professor: A Longitudinal Study of the Determinants of Success"
Wayne A. Grove, Le Moyne College (Contact Author)
Stephen Wu, Hamilton College

"Comparing Returns to Higher Education: 1990 Versus 2000"
Scott L. Tori, Valdosta State University
Cynthia Royal Tori, Valdosta State University

"Estimating External Returns to Education in the US: A Production Function Approach"
Michael P. Shields, Central Michigan University
Gail Shields, Central Michigan University

"University Admissions Policies and Economic Growth"
Robert R. Reed, University of Kentucky
Jen-Ruey Tsaur, University of Kentucky (Contact Author)


Scott Imberman, University of Maryland
Joseph Calhoun, Florida State University