2006 Sessions for Cahit Guven

8:00 - 9:45 a.m.
Session 3A
Shock and Awe

Session Chairs:

James Peery Cover, University of Alabama


"Happiness and Globalization: The Impact of Sector-Level Shocks on Individual Happiness"
Cahit Guven, University of Houston (Contact Author)

"Crisis and Consumption Smoothing"
Qiang Zhang, University of Memphis (Contact Author)
Sung Jin Kang, Korea University

"Identifying Structural Supply and Demand Shocks and the Changes in the NAIRU Using a 4-Variable VAR"
Ting Qin, University of Alabama (Contact Author)
James Peery Cover, University of Alabama

"Demand and Supply in General Equilibrium: A Multisector Approach to Price and Output Movements"
Nathan S. Balke, Southern Methodist University (Contact Author)
Hiranya K. Nath, Sam Houston State University

"The Effects of Monetary Policy Using Structural Factor Analysis"
Dandan Liu, Bowling Green State University (Contact Author)


George A. Waters, Illinois State University
Michael C. Davis, University of Missouri - Rolla

1:15 - 3:00 p.m.
Session 55C
Exchange Rates I

Session Chairs:

Stefan C. Norrbin, Florida State University


"Does the Nominal Exchange Rate Regime Really Matter? Evidence From 210 Years of the US-UK Real Exchange Rate"
William D. Craighead, Miami University (Contact Author)

"On the Choice of the Dollar as a Numeraire Currency"
Stefan C. Norrbin, Florida State University (Contact Author)
Onnie Pipatchaipoom, Samford University

"Can the Validation of the Exchange Rate Theory Based on Real Interest Differentials Withstand an Empirical Reassessment?"
Hsin-hui (Ida) Whited, Colorado State University-Pueblo (Contact Author)


Cahit Guven, University of Houston
Abdullah H. Albatel, King Saud University - Riyadh