2006 Sessions for Dana Placzek

10:00 - 11:45 a.m.
Session 39B
Determinants of Wages

Session Chairs:

Kenneth A. Couch, University of Connecticut


"Some New Evidence on the Effects of U.S. Overtime Pay Regulation"
Anthony J. Barkume, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (Contact Author)

"The Earnings Impact of Job Displacement Measured With Longitudinally Matched Individual and Firm Data"
Kenneth A. Couch, University of Connecticut (Contact Author)
Dana Placzek, State of Connecticut

"The Re-Employment of Lefty Gomez: The Role of Luck in Re-Employment Wage Gains"
Laura P. D'Arcy, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (Contact Author)
Mark Stater, University of Georgia
Jeffrey Wenger, University of Georgia

"Risk Compensation in Wages for Households: Is There Any Insurance Mechanism?"
Priyanka Singh, University of Texas - Dallas (Contact Author)
Wim P.M. Vijverberg, University of Texas - Dallas

"The Effect of Veteran Status on Earnings: Draft vs. Post-Draft"
Edward J. Timmons, Lehigh University
David N. van der Goes, Lehigh University (Contact Author)


Robin Anderson, University of Washington
Hai Fang, State University of New York - Stony Brook and University of California - Davis