2006 Sessions for Bradley Finch

8:00 - 9:45 a.m.
Session 2A
State and Local Fiscal Issues I

Session Chairs:

Timothy F. Page, University of New Hampshire


"Does Legalized Gambling Cause Economic Growth?"
Douglas M. Walker, Georgia College & State University (Contact Author)
John D. Jackson, Auburn University

"The Casino Effect: Do Casinos Spur Growth and What Type of Communities Benefit?"
Chad Cotti, University of South Carolina

"Fiscal Decentralization, Subnational Government Structure and Fiscal Empowerment"
Jamie Boex, Georgia State University (Contact Author)
Rentanida R Simatupang, Georgia State University

"Assessing the Net Benefit Incidence of Overall Lottery Funded Programs: County Level Analysis for Florida"
J. Rody Borg, Jacksonville University (Contact Author)
Mary O. Borg, University of North Florida
Bradley Finch, Jacksonville University
Jonathon Hughes, Jacksonville University
Ryan Suske, Jacksonville University

"The Demand for Lottery Tickets: Instant Games Versus Lotto"
Alan P. Grant, Eastern Illinois University
Linda S. Ghent, Eastern Illinois University


Reagan Anne Baughman, University of New Hampshire
Michael J. Collins, U.S. Government Accountability Office