2006 Sessions for Saihong Jiang

8:00 - 9:45 a.m.
Session 220T
Household Finance and Wealth

Session Chairs:

Erika Dreyer Morris, University of Michigan


"Credit Card Borrowing and Repayment Behavior Over the Lifecycle"
Saihong Jiang, The Ohio State University (Contact Author)

"Self-Insurance and Risk Sharing in a Life-Cycle of a Household"
Ahlam Fakhar, Claremont Graduate University (Contact Author)

"Whether the Boom of Housing Market Brings in Cash Flows for Older Americans After the Latest Stock Market Crash?"
Huan Ni, Kennesaw State University (Contact Author)

"Should the Old Play It Safe? Portfolio Choice in the Presence of Age-Dependent Background Risk"
David A. Love, Williams College (Contact Author)
Maria G. Perozek, Federal Reserve Board

"Examining the Wealth Effect From Home Price Appreciation"
Erika Dreyer Morris, University of Michigan (Contact Author)


Alan Seals, Middle Tennessee State University