2006 Sessions for Alina C. Luca

10:00 - 11:45 a.m.
Session 123H
Exchange Rates II

Session Chairs:

William Miles, Wichita State University


"Real Rigidities and Optimal Exchange Rate Policy"
William D. Craighead, Miami University (Contact Author)

"Fixed Exchange Rates and Disinflation in Emerging Markets: How Large is the Effect"
Aaron L. Jackson, Bentley College
William Miles, Wichita State University (Contact Author)

"Can Devaluations Be Contractionary? The Role of Liability Dollarization and Imperfect Competition in Banking"
Alina C. Luca, Drexel University
Maria Pia Olivero, Drexel University (Contact Author)


David Y. Chen, North Carolina A&T State University
Jerry L. Stevens, University of Richmond