2006 Sessions for Kristin Smith

1:15 - 3:00 p.m.
Session 43C
Earnings and Wage Subsidies

Session Chairs:

Reagan Anne Baughman, University of New Hampshire


"The Effect of Minimum Wage Increases on Teenage Employment: Evidence on Retail and Small Businesses"
Joseph J. Sabia, University of Georgia (Contact Author)

"Living Earned Income Theory: Towards a Generalizable Explanation of Temporal Earned Income Behavior"
Richard J. Stemple, Jr., Northwest Vista College (Contact Author)

"For Better or Worse? The Effect of Earnings Risk on Family Structure"
Scott D. Drewianka, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (Contact Author)

"Discrepancies in Earnings Inequality in Two CPS Surveys"
Robin Anderson, University of Washington (Contact Author)
Martina Morris, University of Washington

"Reducing Direct Care Work Turnover: Do Wage Subsidies Matter?"
Reagan Anne Baughman, University of New Hampshire (Contact Author)
Kristin Smith, University of New Hampshire


Edward J. Timmons, Lehigh University
Kalpana Pai, Texas Wesleyan University