2006 Sessions for Paulo Guimaraes

8:00 - 9:45 a.m.
Session 106G
Econometrics II

Session Chairs:

Christian Dreger, DIW Berlin


"A Score Test for Group Fixed Effects"
Paulo Guimaraes, Medical University of South Carolina (Contact Author)

"Investigating M3 Money Demand in the Euro Area. New Evidence Based on Standard Models"
Christian Dreger, DIW Berlin (Contact Author)
Jurgen Wolters, Freie Universitat Berlin

"Choice of Opening Bid in Online Auctions: Evidence From eBay Collectible Coin Auctions"
Mikhail I. Melnik and Georgia State University (Contact Author)
Yongsheng Xu, Georgia State University
James Alm, Georgia State University

"Current Account Dymanics: Analyzing the Effects of Foreign and Domestic Productivity Shocks in Canada Using a Structural VAR Approach"
Cesar R. Sobrino, West Virginia University (Contact Author)


Sharon I. O'Donnell, Baylor College of Medicine and Children's Nutrition Research Center

10:00 - 11:45 a.m.
Session 249U
Urban Economic Issues

Session Chairs:

Douglas James Krupka, Georgia State University


"Measuring the Localization of Economic Activity: A Parametric Approach"
Paulo Guimaraes, Medical University of South Carolina (Contact Author)
Octavio Figueiredo, Universidade do Porto
Douglas Woodward, University of South Carolina

"The Growth Impact of the Metropolitan Statistical Area Designation"
George Hammond, West Virginia University
Brian J. Osoba, University of Texas - El Paso (Contact Author)

"Learning or Matching: Productivity Gains in Urban Areas"
Douglas James Krupka, Georgia State University (Contact Author)

"Do Larger Cities Have Larger Suburbs? An Empirical Analysis of Intra-Metropolitan Size Distribution in the United States"
Haydar Kurban, Howard University (Contact Author)

"Individual Social Capital: An Analysis of Factors Influencing Investment"
David W. Shideler, Murray State University (Contact Author)
David S. Kraybill, The Ohio State University


Indrashis Chaudhuri, The Ohio State University
William J. Smith, University of West Georgia