2006 Sessions for Kostas Serfes

8:00 - 9:45 a.m.
Session 178N
Regulation and Regulated Industries

Session Chairs:

John W. Mayo, Georgetown University


"Understanding Regulatory Discretion: Evidence From the FDA"
Jeffrey T. Macher, Georgetown University
John W. Mayo, Georgetown University (Contact Author)
Jackson A. Nickerson, Washington University in Saint Louis

"Estimating the Effects of a la Carte Pricing: The Case of Cable Television"
Adam D. Rennhoff, Drexel University (Contact Author)
Kostas Serfes, Drexel University

"Fundamental Drivers of Electricity Prices in the Pacific Northwest"
Chi-Keung Woo, Energy and Environmental Economics Inc.
Ira Horowitz, Graduate Research Professor Emeritus, University of Florida (Contact Author)
Nate Toyama, Sacramento Municipal Utilities District
Arne Olson, Energy and Environmental Economics Inc.
Aaron Lai, Infoatlas, Inc.
Raymond Wan, Infoatlas, Inc.

"Modeling the Economic Impacts of Sectorally Differentiated Supply Availabilities of Electricity - A CGE Analysis of Lifeline Losses Following a Potential Earthquake in Memphis, Tennessee"
Gauri S. Guha, Arkansas State University (Contact Author)
Adam Rose, Pennsylvania State University


Tracy L. Regan, University of Miami