2006 Sessions for Abdullah Yavas

10:00 - 11:45 a.m.
Session 29B
Policy Experiments


Douglas D. Davis, Virginia Commonwealth University

Session Chairs:

Juergen Huber, University of Innsbruck and Yale University


"The Effects of the Tobin Tax on an Experimental Financial Market"
Juergen Huber, University of Innsbruck and Yale University (Contact Author)

"Industrial Politics: An Experimental Test of Sabotage in Tournaments"
Donald Vandegrift, The College of New Jersey
Abdullah Yavas, Pennsylvania State University

"A Comparison of Generalized Plurality and Cumulative Voting"
Arthur Zillante, University of North Carolina - Charlotte
Duane Cooper, Morehouse College

"Quantal Response Equilibrium Models of Growth Economies with Poverty Traps"
Tomomi Tanaka, California Institute of Technology
Colin Camerer, California Institute of Technology


Utteeyo Dasgupta, Franklin & Marshall College and University of Arizona
Sudipta Sarangi, Louisiana State University
Svetlana Pevnitskaya, Florida State University