2006 Sessions for Greg Leo

8:00 - 9:45 a.m.
Session 96G
Altruism and Fairness


Douglas D. Davis, Virginia Commonwealth University

Session Chairs:

Brian T. Kench, University of Tampa


"Leadership Models and Observations From Public Goods Experiments"
Brian T. Kench, University of Tampa
Robert Beekman, University of Tampa
George Wynn, University of Tampa
Neil B. Niman, University of New Hampshire
Michael Casson, Delaware State University

"Why Do People Reciprocate?"
Marco Castillo, Georgia Institute of Technology
Greg Leo, Georgia Institute of Technology

"Motives of Altruistic Behaviors in Inter-Ethnic Field Experiments"
Tomomi Tanaka, California Institute of Technology
Colin Camerer, California Institute of Technology
Quang Nguyen, University of Hawaii

"A Complete Analysis of Motives for Giving in Dictator Games"
Eberhard Feess, University of Aachen
Laura Razzolini, Virginia Commonwealth University
Sudipta Sarangi, Louisiana State University
Christoph Schumacher, Massey University


Natalia V Ovchinnikova, St. Lawrence University
Hideki Fujiyama, Dokkyo University and Louisiana State University
Christian A. Vossler, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Philip J. Grossman, Saint Cloud State University