2006 Sessions for Kenneth Brown

8:00 - 9:45 a.m.
Session 92G
Issues in Family Decision Making


Shahina Amin, University of Northern Iowa
Gail M. Hoyt, University of Kentucky

Session Chairs:

Kasey Buckles, University of Notre Dame


"Does a Husband's Education Benefit His Wife's Earnings? An Economic Investigation of 'Mr. Mom' Households"
Shahina Amin, University of Northern Iowa
Kenneth Brown, University of Northern Iowa
Lisa K. Jepsen, University of Northern Iowa

"Gender Differences in Homeownership and Home Values: A Cross-Country Comparison"
Carolina Diaz-Bonilla, The World Bank
Eva Sierminska, Luxembourg Income Study

"The Labor Market Experiences of Women: An Economic Investigation of the 'Opt-Out' Hype"
Jennifer W. Keil, Hamline University
Karine S. Moe, Macalester College

"What Do DINKs Do With Their Dough?"
Nancy Ammon Jianakoplos, Colorado State University
Lynnette St. Jean, Pacey Economics Group
Frank Caliendo, Colorado State University


Julie L. Hotchkiss, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and Georgia State University
Christopher Jepsen, University of Kentucky
Kathryn H. Anderson, Vanderbilt University
William H. Hoyt, University of Kentucky