2006 Sessions for Joonhyyung Lee

1:15 - 3:00 p.m.
Session 54C
Global Trade Issues: Borders, Disputes, and Foreign Direct Investment


Emily J. Blanchard, University of Virginia

Session Chairs:

Kara Reynolds, American University


"Politics and WTO Dispute Settlement: Why Are So Many Disputes Still Pending"
Kara Reynolds, American University (Contact Author)

"Does Where You Go Matter? The Impact of Outward FDI on MNE's Employment at Home"
Peter Debaere, University of Virginia (Contact Author)
Hongshik Lee, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy
Joonhyyung Lee, University of Texas - Austin

"Bonus Vetus OLS: A Simple OLS Approach for Addressing the "Border Puzzle" and Other Gravity-Equation Issues"
Scott Baier, Clemson University (Contact Author)
Jeffrey H. Bergstrand, University of Notre Dame

"Infrastructure As Absorptive Capacity: FDI Still Matters for Growth"
Yuko Kinoshita, International Monetary Fund (Contact Author)
Chia-Hui Lu, Academia Sinica


Emily J. Blanchard, University of Virginia
Jenny Minier, University of Kentucky
Xenia Matschke, University of Connecticut
Omer Gokcekus, Seton Hall University