Southern Economic Association 2007 Program Sessions


Sunday, 8:00 a.m.

Session 22*1 Human and Social Capital and Economic Development

Sunday, 10:00 a.m.

Session 22*2 Entrepreneurship, Ownership and Organization

Sunday, 1:00 p.m.

Session 22*3 Knowledge, Learning and Science

Sunday, 3:00 p.m.

Session 22*4 Capital-Based Macroeconomics and Austrian Business Cycle Theory

Monday, 8:00 a.m.

Session 2A* Environmental Economics Political Economy & Public Choice
Session 3A* Industrial Organization Session 1
Session 4A* The Best of Econ Journal Watch
Session 5A* Research on Health and the Value of Life
Session 6A* The Economics of Happiness
Session 7A* Impacts of Social Policy on Family Well-Being and Health
Session 8A* Katrina Two Years After: A Roundtable on Economic, Social and Polital Impacts
Session 9A* Security, Risk, and Rent-Seeking: Laboratory Evidence
Session 10A* Voting
Session 11A Applied Microeconomics
Session 12A Labor Market and Other Socioeconomic Outcomes among Hispanic Immigrants in the U.S.
Session 13A Government, Corruption, and Health
Session 14A International Economics & Finance Society
Session 15A* Economic History of the South
Session 16A Issues on the South Korean Economy
Session 17A Health and Work
Session 18A Consumer Behavior
Session 19A Issues in Industrial Organization
Session 20A Issues in Public Economics
Session 21A Lifecycle and Family Issues
Session 22A Roundtable on Daniel Shapiro's Is the Welfare State Justified?

Monday, 10:00 a.m.

Session 2B* Austrian Critiques of Foreign Intervention
Session 3B* Spatial Modeling in Public and Regional Economics
Session 4B* Takings as Government Failure
Session 5B* Teaching Principles: Practice and Performance
Session 6B* Quality, Cost and Competition in Education
Session 7B* Marriage and Children
Session 8B* Law Without Romance
Session 9B* Experimental Environmental Economics I
Session 10B Applied Panel Data for Political Economy
Session 11B Economic Development and Growth
Session 12B Topics in the Influence of Hispanics on Human and Social Capital in the U.S. and Latin America
Session 14B International Economics & Finance Society
Session 15B Bargaining and Auction Experiments
Session 16B Issues on the North Korean Economy
Session 17B Environmental Economics
Session 18B Networks and Social Capital
Session 19B International Economics
Session 20B Political Economy
Session 21B Environmental Policy and Management
Session 22B Lavoie Memorial Graduate Student Competition

Monday, 1:00 p.m.

Session 2C* Trade and Wages
Session 3C* Pensions and Retirement
Session 4C* Bad Public Goods I: Regulating Public Goods
Session 5C Land and Conservation
Session 6C* Crisis and Response in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina Session I
Session 7C* Issues in Environmental Economics
Session 8C* Entrepreneurship, Culture, and Aid
Session 9C* Keynesian Economics Beyond the Business Cycle—A Panel Discussion
Session 10C Applied Welfare Analysis
Session 11C International Economics
Session 12C Sports Economics
Session 13C Public Sector Economics
Session 14C International Economics & Finance Society
Session 15C Voluntary Contributions Altruism and Fairness
Session 16C Risk: Outcomes and Behavior
Session 17C Medicaid, TANF and Impacts on Health, Labor, and Program Participation
Session 18C Firm Size
Session 21C Valuation I: Revealed Preferences
Session 22C Capital, Time and Entrepreneurship

Monday, 3:00 p.m.

Session 2D* Industrial Organization Experiments I
Session 3D* Industrial Organization
Session 4D* Bad Public Goods II: Giving Things Away
Session 5D* Education Freedom
Session 6D* Crisis and Response in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina Session II
Session 7D* Mothers and Public Policy
Session 8D* Applied Political Economy
Session 9D* Antitrust and the Supreme Court
Session 10D* Panel on Ethics and Economics
Session 11D The Impact of 9/11 & Homeland Security Policy on Commercial Aviation, General Aviation, and Maritime Transportation
Session 12D Space and Location
Session 13D The Political Economy of Institutions
Session 14D International Economics & Finance Society
Session 15D Social Context and Parallelism
Session 16D Economics of Gambling
Session 17D Property Rights
Session 18D Mergers, Competition and Market Segmentation
Session 19D International Economics II
Session 20D International Finance I
Session 21D Valuation II: Stated Preferences
Session 22D Reminiscences of Menlo Park, 1977

Tuesday, 8:00 a.m.

Session 2G* Topics in Pharmaceutical Economics
Session 3G* Applications of Spatial Econometric Models
Session 4G* Bad Public Goods III: Designating Providers
Session 5G* Creative Teaching Ideas for Basic Economics : A Panel Session
Session 6G* The Impact of Hurricane Katrina Session I
Session 7G* Open Economy Macroeconomics
Session 8G* Health & Human Capital A
Session 9G* Contracts, Relationships and Information
Session 10G* Tournaments and Auctions
Session 11G* Welfare and Microeconometrics
Session 13G Topics in Applied Microeconomics: A Structural Approach
Session 14G International Economics & Finance Society
Session 15G Behavior and Game Theory
Session 16G International Trade and Offshoring
Session 17G Economic Perspectives on Fertility and the Family
Session 18G Voting and Elections
Session 19G Foreign Aid, Outsourcing and Capital Flows
Session 20G Exchange Rates I
Session 21G Fishery Allocation in the Gulf
Session 22G Austrian Perspectives on Prices, Technology and Taxes

Tuesday, 10:00 a.m.

Session 2H* Southern Lives of the Laureates
Session 3H* The Role of the Median Voter
Session 4H* Bad Public Goods IV: Dealing With Disaster
Session 5H Trade Policy
Session 6H* The Impact of Hurricane Katrina Session II
Session 7H Effects of Lottery Scholarships for Higher Education
Session 8H* Health & Human Capital B
Session 9H* Economics of Education
Session 10H* Two-sided Markets and Matching: Applications
Session 11H* European Social Policy and Other Mandates
Session 12H Economics of Sports and Art
Session 13H Financial Frictions in Small Open Economies
Session 14H International Economics & Finance Society
Session 15H Experiments on Competition and Social Policy
Session 16H* Law, Economics, and Crime
Session 17H Marriage, Fertility, Race, and Economic Outcomes
Session 18H The Price is Right
Session 19H Inflation Targeting
Session 20H Exchange Rates II
Session 21H Experimental Environmental Economics II
Session 22H Coordination, Knowledge and Belief

Tuesday, 2:00 p.m.

Session 2K Health and Economic Development
Session 3K* Empirical Studies of Entry
Session 4K Household Budgets and Finance
Session 5K Elections and Politics
Session 6K Taxation and Politics
Session 7K Issues in Housing Economics
Session 8K R&D, Firm Size, and Spillovers
Session 9K* Topics in Economic Freedom I
Session 10K* Policy Experiments
Session 11K* International Economics II
Session 12K* Economics and Liberal Education
Session 13K Energy Economics
Session 14K Health and Aging
Session 15K Market Experiments
Session 16K Macroeconomic Implications of Economic Integration
Session 17K Economics of Education
Session 18K Gender
Session 19K International Trade I
Session 20K African-Americans, Hispanics and the Labor Market
Session 21K Topics in Environmental Economics
Session 22K Rothbard’s Man, Economy and State after 45 Years

Tuesday, 4:00 p.m.

Session 2L* The Formal and the Informal Divide in Economic Development
Session 3L* Empirical Issues in Macroeconomics
Session 4L* Public Economics
Session 5L Earnings and Income Expectations
Session 6L* Money and Inflation in Transition Economies
Session 7L* Religion and Economic Behavior
Session 8L* Law & Economics
Session 9L* Topics in Economic Freedom II
Session 10L The Economics of Higher Education
Session 11L* Advertising and Entry in Health Care Markets
Session 12L Law, Institutions and Regulation
Session 13L Methodology and History of Economic Thought
Session 14L Labor Market Consequences
Session 15L* Risky Behavior
Session 16L Migration and Labor Mobility
Session 17L Demographic Issues and Social Challenges
Session 18L Family Differences in Earnings and Human Capital
Session 19L Incentives in Labor and Pension Markets
Session 20L Human Capital and Wages
Session 21L Labor Market Differentials
Session 22L* Immigration Issues: Now and Then

Wednesday, 8:00 a.m.

Session 2N Market Structure and Uncertainty
Session 3N Natural Disasters and Weather
Session 4N The Economics of Public School Education
Session 5N Racial Issues
Session 6N Higher Education Funding
Session 7N Growth and Development
Session 8N Public Choice
Session 9N Banking Issues in Developing Economies
Session 10N Topics in Risk
Session 12N Decision Making
Session 13N The Economics of Hospitals and Health Care Institutios
Session 14N Individual Behavior and Health
Session 15N Volatility
Session 16N Community Economic Development
Session 17N Human Capital and Economic Growth
Session 18N The Economic Effects of Globalization and Foreign Direct Investment
Session 19N Technological Change and Growth
Session 20N Economic History
Session 21N Diversity and Inequality in Education

Wednesday, 10:00 a.m.

Session 2P Institutions and Growth
Session 3P Market Entry and Survivial
Session 4P Topics in Heath Economics
Session 5P Demographic Economics I
Session 6P Learning and Uncertainty
Session 7P* Family Decisions and Family Outcomes 1
Session 9P Stock Markets Around the World
Session 10P Time Series Modeling
Session 11P Market Structure in the Banking Industry
Session 12P Adolescent Health
Session 13P Alcohol, Retirement, and Taxes
Session 14P Impact of Monetary Policy
Session 15P Econometrics
Session 16P Educational Attainment: Environmental Influences and Policy
Session 17P Prices: Rigidity, Shocks, and Responses
Session 18P Institutional Investing
Session 19P Mergers, Sales, and Credit
Session 20P Teaching Economics
Session 21P Inequality Bias and Economic Growth,

Wednesday, 1:00 p.m.

Session 9R Public Economics
Session 10R Mass Incarceration and the Black Family
Session 11R Monetary and Financial Economics
Session 12R Economics of Crime
Session 20R Topics in Applied Microeconomics
Session 21R Development Economics