Southern Economic Association 2008 Program Sessions


Friday, 8:00 a.m.

Session 1A* Campaign Advisors
Session 2A Issues in Exchange Rates
Session 3A Marriage and Family
Session 4A* Law and Economics
Session 5A Topics on Inflation
Session 6A Competition
Session 7A* Politics and Growth
Session 8A* Human Capital and Health
Session 9A Managerial Economics Experiments
Session 10A* Issues in Hispanic Labor Market Outcomes
Session 12A* Economic Research at the US International Trade Commission
Session 13A Economics of Education I: Elementary and Secondary Education
Session 14A Topics in the History of Austrian Economic Thought
Session 15A Land Use and Conservation
Session 16A Agriculture and the Environment
Session 17A Economics of Health and Education
Session 18A Issues in Developing Economies
Session 19A* Experimental Public Choice
Session 20A Adjustment and Convergence
Session 21A Oligopoly and Imperfect Markets
Session 22A* Successfully Earning a Ph.D. in Economics: Letting the Data Speak

Friday, 10:00 a.m.

Session 1B* Governance, Politics, and Regulation
Session 2B Business Cycles
Session 3B Issues in Trade Policy
Session 4B The Games We Play
Session 5B* Competition and Incentives in Education
Session 6B* Decomposing Gaps in Inequality
Session 7B* Human Capital, Productivity, and Technology
Session 8B Government (and Quasi-Government) Policies
Session 9B Public Goods Experiments
Session 10B* Topics in Educational Outcomes Among Hispanics
Session 12B* Analyses of Consumer Expenditures
Session 13B Economics of Education II: Higher Education
Session 14B The Development of Austrian Price Theory
Session 15B* Regulating Electric Utilities
Session 16B* Health and the Environment
Session 17B* Monetary and Fiscal Policy
Session 18B Government Policies in Developing Economies
Session 19B* Domestic Political Economy of Trade Policy
Session 20B Innovation and International Industrial Organization
Session 21B* Applied Welfare Analysis
Session 22B Public Sector Economics

Friday, 1:00 p.m.

Session 1C* Environmental Economics
Session 2C* Employment and Price Research Using Confidential BLS Data
Session 3C Schools
Session 5C Assessing the Environmental and Energy Performance of U.S. Industries
Session 6C International Finance II
Session 7C* Multi-Sector General Equilibrium Models
Session 8C Poverty Programs
Session 9C* Coordination Experiments and Learning
Session 10C* Topics in Savings, Growth, and Other Socioeconomic Outcomes
Session 12C International Trade and Finance
Session 13C South Korean Economy
Session 14C Topics in Austrian Economics
Session 15C* Voluntary Environmental Activities
Session 16C Fisheries
Session 17C* Empirical Studies of Information Disclosure
Session 18C* Examining Economic Well-being of Households and Families: What Can Be Learned from National Survey Data
Session 19C* Labor Market Effects of Trade
Session 20C Menagerie of Panel Models
Session 21C Volunteering, Charitable Giving, and Nonprofit Organizations
Session 22C* Applied Microeconomics

Friday, 3:00 p.m.

Session 1D Retail Trade and E-Commerce
Session 2D* Occupational Wages and Employment
Session 3D Health Plans
Session 4D* Health, Education, and Welfare: Examining Labor Mobility
Session 5D Industry Studies: Airlines and Telecommunications
Session 6D Noisy Signals
Session 7D* Technology Adoption and Industrial Structure
Session 8D Development Economics
Session 9D* Auction Experiments
Session 10D How to...
Session 12D Sports Labor Markets
Session 13D North Korean Economy and Beyond
Session 14D Response Mechanisms and Spontaneous Order
Session 15D Evaluating Environmental Impacts
Session 16D* Recreation and the Environment
Session 17D* Empirical Estimation of Dynamic Models
Session 18D* Determinants of State Economic Growth Rates
Session 19D* Multinational Firms and Outsourcing
Session 20D Market Power and Regulation
Session 21D* Political Behavior
Session 22D* Recent Federal Reserve Policy: An Evaluation

Saturday, 8:00 a.m.

Session 1G* Teachers and Students
Session 2G International Finance
Session 3G Money and Financial Markets in the Euro Area and Beyond
Session 4G* “Non-Profit Organizations and the Reverse-Crowding-Out of Government Charity”
Session 5G* Peers, Health, and Education
Session 6G Different Perspectives on Relative Price Changes: Remittances and Economic Conditions
Session 7G Markets and Systems
Session 8G Behavior
Session 9G* Market Experiments
Session 10G* Social Choice Theory
Session 11G* Economics of the Arts 1
Session 12G Sports Economics
Session 13G Topics in Nonparametric and Semiparametric Estimation and Specification
Session 14G Topics in Applied Austrian Economics I
Session 16G Stated Preferences
Session 17G* Empirical Industrial Organization
Session 18G* Food Assistance and Food Outcomes
Session 19G* Measuring the Effects of Trade
Session 20G* Political Economy of Multilateral Trade Policy
Session 21G Airlines
Session 22G* The Housing Market

Saturday, 10:00 a.m.

Session 1H Capital Flows
Session 2H Time Allocation
Session 3H* Costs, Benefits, and Returns to Education
Session 4H* Remittances and Immigration
Session 5H* Can Genes and Hormones Explain Variability in Economic Outcomes
Session 6H Monetary Policy: Central Bank Preferences Regarding Inflation and Exchange Rates
Session 7H Health Policies and Outcomes
Session 8H Issues in Economic Development
Session 9H Applications of Public Goods
Session 10H Institutions, Innovation and Growth
Session 11H* Economics of the Arts 2
Session 12H Sports Economics II
Session 13H Topics in Nonparametric Time Series and Panel Models
Session 14H Topics in Applied Austrian Economics II
Session 15H Environmental Policy Design and Analysis
Session 16H Environmental Management
Session 17H Housing and Property Values
Session 18H* Nonparametric Methods and Partial Identification
Session 19H Betting Markets
Session 20H Inflation Convergence, Exchange Rates, and PPP
Session 21H Economic History
Session 22H Rent Seeking, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Freedom

Saturday, 2:00 p.m.

Session 1J Legal Procedure
Session 2J Unemployment
Session 3J* Local Public Finance
Session 4J Topics in Microeconomics
Session 5J Economic Shocks and Health
Session 6J Foreign Direct Investment and Outsourcing Dynamics, Determinants and Effects
Session 7J* Under Our Skin? Color, Human Capital, and Life Outcomes
Session 8J Divorce, Child Support, and Substitute Families
Session 9J Policy Experiments
Session 10J Aspects of Higher Education Economics
Session 11J Pricing and Market Concentration
Session 12J Sports Economics III
Session 13J Health Issues
Session 14J Social Embeddedness of Economic Life
Session 15J* Regional and Local Labor Markets: Race, Ethnicity, and Poverty
Session 16J Unobserved Components Models
Session 17J Topics in Forensic Economics
Session 18J Human Capital
Session 19J International Environmental Policy
Session 20J Macroeconomic Theory
Session 21J Applied Labor Economics
Session 22J Freedom and Government Spending

Sunday, 8:00 a.m.

Session 1L* Human Capital Choices & Outcomes
Session 2L Universities and Training Programs
Session 3L Topics in Public Economics
Session 4L Issues on Monetary Policy and Real Business Cycle in Open Economy
Session 5L Development and Institutions
Session 6L Transmission Mechanisms: Monetary Policy and Rates of Information Arrivals
Session 7L Applied Microeconomics and Economic Development
Session 8L Earnings Differentials
Session 9L Trust and Other Regarding Preferences
Session 10L Health, Ethnicity and Inequality
Session 11L Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital
Session 12L Economic Impact of Sports Events
Session 13L Integrating Economics into the Business Curriculum
Session 14L Cognitive Framing Effects
Session 15L Measuring Innovation and Its Impact
Session 16L Nonlinear Regression Analysis
Session 17L Elections and Government
Session 18L Microfinance and Well-being
Session 19L Sex, Disasters, and Social Values
Session 20L Risk and Behavior
Session 21L Research in Economic Education
Session 22L* School Vouchers: The Latest Evidence from the Field

Sunday, 10:00 a.m.

Session 1M* Effects of Health and Social Insurance
Session 2M Trade Policy
Session 3M Empirical Studies on the Economics of Religion
Session 4M Empirical Analysis of Migration, Marriage and Corruption
Session 5M Immigrants and Their Families
Session 6M Industrial Organization: Mergers, R&D and Market Structure
Session 7M Macroeconomics and Financial Market
Session 8M Wealth, Expenditures, and Economic Well-being
Session 9M Information and Risk
Session 10M The Structure of Wages
Session 11M Issues in Local Public Economics
Session 12M Measuring Well-being and Human Capital
Session 13M Impact of International Migration
Session 14M Entrepreneurship and Theory of the Firm
Session 15M Young, Gifted and Disconnected: The Role of Race, Social and Public Policy on Human Capital Accumulation
Session 16M Macroeconomic Policy Analysis
Session 17M Health Effects and Investments
Session 18M Banks
Session 19M Natural Hazards and Weather II
Session 20M Social Networks and Spillovers
Session 21M Innovative Pedagogical Practices in Economics
Session 22M Open Economy Macro and Exchange Rates

Sunday, 1:00 p.m.

Session 1N Drugs and Health Care Costs
Session 2N Trade and Environmental Economics
Session 3N Sorting and Matching in the Labor Market
Session 4N Drinking, Substance Use and Lifestyles
Session 5N Developing and Transitional Economies
Session 6N Differences in the Labor Market
Session 7N Labor and Housing Market Mobility
Session 8N Firm Behavior and Performance
Session 9N Racial and Behavioral Issues
Session 10N Growth and Development
Session 11N Understanding Inequality
Session 12N Topics in Health Economics
Session 13N* Local Public Economics
Session 14N Studies in Entrepreneurship
Session 15N The Immigrant Experience
Session 17N International Investment
Session 18N Taxes, Subsidies and Spending
Session 19N Open Economy Macroeconomics
Session 20N Industrial Organization
Session 21N Topics in Applied Microeconomics
Session 22N Issues in Law and Dispute Settlement

Sunday, 3:00 p.m.

Session 1O Public Economics
Session 3O Economic Integration
Session 4O Banks II
Session 5O Financial Markets
Session 6O Anti-Poverty Policies: Determinants and Effects
Session 7O Labor Markets and Sensitive Populations
Session 8O International Lending and Economic Integration
Session 9O Leviathan and Fiscal Federalism
Session 10O Industry Studies and International Trade
Session 11O Health, Education and Labor Markets
Session 12O Issues in Health and Aging
Session 13O Investments and Firms
Session 14O Don Lavoie Memorial Graduate Student Prize Winners
Session 15O Wages and Compensation
Session 16O Poverty and Welfare
Session 17O Collective Action and Free-Riding
Session 18O Development Economics
Session 19O Environment and Industry II
Session 20O Housing Economics
Session 21O Topics in Economic Growth
Session 22O Entertainment and Sports Industries

Sunday, 5:00 p.m.

Session 1P Shocks
Session 2P Prices
Session 3P Central Bank Policies
Session 4P Monetary Policy
Session 5P Experiments and Equilibria
Session 6P Principals and Agents
Session 7P Inflation
Session 9P Terror and Corruption
Session 10P Elections
Session 11P Intergenerational Income Transfers
Session 12P Consumption, Wealth, and Happiness
Session 13P Health and Uncertainty
Session 14P New Austrian Contributions to Heterodox Economics (Roundtable)
Session 15P Natural Hazards and Weather I
Session 16P Exchange Rates
Session 17P Labor Markets and Growth
Session 18P Corruption, Gambling and National Defense
Session 19P Environment and Industry I
Session 20P Health and Children
Session 21P Game Theory and Behavioral Economics
Session 22P Immigration and Emigration