Southern Economic Association 2009 Program Sessions


Saturday, 8:00 a.m.

Session 02A Money and Macroeconomics
Session 03A* Econometrics: Partial Identification Models
Session 04A Economic Growth
Session 05A* How Decisions Are Made
Session 06A* Markets, Politics, and Macro-Level Coordination I
Session 07A Determinants and Effects of Foreign Direct Investment: Firms' Objectives and Country Characteristics
Session 08A Business Cycles
Session 09A Shock and Trade
Session 10A Fertility Issues
Session 11A Oligopoly Models and Empirical Evidence
Session 13A* Innovations in Teaching I
Session 14A Prices
Session 15A* Human Capital: Institutions, Traits, Quality, and Skills
Session 16A* Development Economics
Session 17A Women in the Labor Market: Choices and Outcomes
Session 20A Stated Preference Methods
Session 21A International Financial Markets and Stock Markets
Session 22A* Political Economy I: Leadership Change and War
Session 23A Monetary Policy and the Global Economy

Saturday, 10:00 a.m.

Session 01B Energy and Environmental Performance of U.S. Industries
Session 02B Don Lavoie Memorial Graduate Student Prize Winners
Session 03B* Measurement Error Models and Applications
Session 04B Cultural Economics
Session 05B* Complete and Incomplete Contracting Experiments
Session 06B* Markets, Politics, and Macro-Level Coordination II
Session 07B Determinants for the Dynamics of Prices and Other Economic Variables: Forecasts and Imperfect Information
Session 08B Household Behavior
Session 09B Education and Employment Outcomes
Session 10B* Topics in Macroeconomic Policy
Session 11B Firm Organization and Market Structure
Session 12B* Race, Politics and Public Finance
Session 13B* Innovations in Teaching II
Session 14B Pay and Pensions
Session 16B* Macroeconomics and Growth
Session 17B Issues in Health and Education
Session 20B Fish and Forests
Session 21B Public Goods: Local, State, and International
Session 22B* Political Economy II: Unofficial Economy and Development
Session 23B Exchange Rates

Saturday, 1:00 p.m.

Session 02C Globalization and the Entrepreneur
Session 03C Economic Issues in the Equine Industry
Session 04C What's Good for the Economy?
Session 05C* Risk Attitudes
Session 06C* Monetary Theory
Session 07C Effects of Market Strategies and Regulations on Market Behavior
Session 08C Issues in Developing Economies
Session 09C Growth and Volatility
Session 10C Panel Data, IV, and GMM
Session 12C Political Economy and Bureaucratic Behavior
Session 13C* Innovations in Teaching III
Session 14C Topics in Urban Economics
Session 15C* Health and Human Capital Across States and Nations
Session 16C* Financial and Real Estates
Session 17C Financial Markets
Session 20C Coastal Management
Session 21C Korean Economy
Session 22C Job Search and Employment Satisfaction
Session 23C Importance of Information

Saturday, 3:00 p.m.

Session 02D Reputation and Exchange
Session 03D Starting Point Economics: A Source for Pedagogical Resources
Session 04D* Better Living Through Economics
Session 05D* Information Experiments
Session 06D Real-Time Forecasting and Policy Analysis
Session 07D Propagation, Contagion, and Transmission of Shocks: Financial Markets, Macroeconomic, and International Monetary Policy Shocks
Session 08D Monetary Policy
Session 09D* Macroeconomic Political Economy
Session 10D Health Care Mandates and Drug Policies
Session 11D Renewable Resources and Conservation
Session 13D Decision Making
Session 14D* Local Impacts of Combating Global Warming
Session 15D* Demographic and Financial Determinants of Health Status
Session 16D Law and Economics I
Session 17D A Menagerie of Topics and Why
Session 20D Waste and Waste Cleanup
Session 21D* Topics on Tax Policies and Public Goods
Session 22D* Applied Microeconomics: Binge Drinking, Child Abuse and Corn for Fuel
Session 23D The Economics of Education and Learning

Sunday, 8:00 a.m.

Session 01F* Recent Federal Reserve Policy: An Evaluation
Session 02F* America’s Second Great Depression: A Symposium in Honor of Larry Sechrest I
Session 03F* Applied Political Economy
Session 04F Antitrust Issues
Session 05F* Cooperation and Demographics
Session 06F* Investment, Trade, and Growth
Session 07F Remittances, Immigration, and Portfolio Choices
Session 08F Government Structure and Choices
Session 09F Health and the Economy
Session 10F Discrimination and Affirmative Action
Session 11F Foreign Direct Investment
Session 12F Topics in Industrial Organization I
Session 13F* Sportometrics
Session 14F Policy and Vulnerability
Session 15F Exchange Rates
Session 16F Government Expenditures and Provision
Session 17F* Industrial Organization Experiments: Collusion and Market Power
Session 18F Topics in Public Economics
Session 19F At Risk Youths
Session 20F Climate Change Issues
Session 21F* Public Economics
Session 22F Economics of Education
Session 23F Topics in Economic Development

Sunday, 10:00 a.m.

Session 01G* Research on Economic Freedom
Session 02G* America’s Second Great Depression: A Symposium in Honor of Larry Sechrest II
Session 03G* Teacher Pay, Principals, and Schooling
Session 04G* Issues in Economics of Immigration, Gender Gaps, and Housing Markets
Session 05G* What Makes Us Nice
Session 06G* Trade and Investment
Session 07G Remittances and FDI Flows: Macroeconomic Causes and Consequences
Session 08G Economic Behavior
Session 10G Issues in Poverty
Session 11G* Financial Crises in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
Session 12G Topics in Industrial Organization II
Session 13G Asset Pricing Under Imperfect Markets
Session 14G* Antitrust and Sports
Session 15G Depository Institutions and Financial Markets
Session 16G Issues in Banking
Session 17G Decisions and Choices
Session 18G Transitions to Adult Roles
Session 19G Issues in Gender Inequity
Session 20G Agriculture and Land Use
Session 21G* Issues in Public Sector Economics
Session 22G Efficiency and Collective Bargaining in Public School Provision
Session 23G Development I

Sunday, 2:00 p.m.

Session 01H* The Public Choice Legacy of Gordon Tullock I
Session 02H The Visible Hand
Session 03H Information Session on the History of Economic Thought Summer Teaching Program at Duke University
Session 04H In Memoriam: Gerald Scully
Session 06H* Technology, Productivity and Growth
Session 07H Market Structure, Firm Size, and Competition
Session 08H Savings, Investments, and Wealth
Session 09H School Choice, Rewards and Student Performance
Session 10H Earnings: Family Structure and Public Policy
Session 12H Industrial Organization and the Environment
Session 13H International Issues
Session 14H* Causes and Consequences of Trade Policy
Session 15H* From Risky to Downright Criminal Behavior, This Session Has It All
Session 16H Information and Innovation in International Trade
Session 17H* Experiments on Public Goods, Centipede Games, Effort Supply, and Vote Rotation
Session 18H Marriage and Divorce
Session 19H Micro Level Impact of Liberalization
Session 20H Regulatory Mechanism Design
Session 21H* Law and Economics 1
Session 22H* Undocumented Immigration
Session 23H Development II

Sunday, 4:15 p.m.

Session 01I* The Public Choice Legacy of Gordon Tullock II
Session 02I Cities and Disasters
Session 03I* Macroeconomic Theory: Sticky Prices, Shocks, Moral Hazard, and the Taylor Curve
Session 04I Sports Economics I
Session 05I* Experiments for the Common Good
Session 06I* Time Series International
Session 07I Topics in Health
Session 08I International Studies
Session 09I* Macroeconomics and Energy
Session 10I Workplace Exits
Session 11I Environmental Economics II
Session 12I Group Decision Making
Session 13I Panel Discussion: Implications of the Family Bargaining Literature for the Personal Consumption Deduction
Session 14I Economics of Health and Healthcare
Session 15I* Education Incentives, School Choice, and Tiebout Sorting
Session 17I Market Relationships
Session 18I Topics in Financial Economics
Session 19I* Topics in Development and Institutional Economics
Session 20I Natural Hazards
Session 21I* Law and Economics 2
Session 22I* Experiments on Organizational Incentives
Session 23I Topics in Industrial Organization

Monday, 8:00 a.m.

Session 01J* Symposium: "The Invisible Hook"
Session 02J A Hodge-Podge of Hayek
Session 03J Education, Outcomes and Occupational Choice
Session 04J Sports Economics II
Session 05J* Understanding Social Behavior
Session 06J* Factor Proportions Trade
Session 07J Topics in Higher Education
Session 08J Decisions and Social Outcomes
Session 09J Macroeconomic Effects of Trade Policy
Session 10J State and Local Taxation
Session 11J Birth and Childhood Health
Session 12J Open Economy Macroeconomics
Session 13J Topics in the Economics of Fertility
Session 14J Household Production and Investment
Session 15J How Students Think, Forget, and Perform in Economics
Session 16J Medical Spending, Health Insurance and Health Outcomes
Session 17J Immigration, Language and Labor Markets
Session 18J Issues in Immigration
Session 19J* The Best of Econ Journal Watch
Session 20J Environmental Enforcement and Compliance
Session 21J* Contemporary Issues on Africa’s Development
Session 22J Housing
Session 23J Topics in Applied Microeconomics

Monday, 10:00 a.m.

Session 01K* Slavery and Violence in Economic History
Session 02K Firms and the Entrepreneur
Session 03K Law and Economics II
Session 04K Sports Economics III
Session 05K* Experiments on Risk and Time Preferences
Session 06K Overlapping Jurisdictions, Price Discrimination, and Convenient Care Clinics
Session 07K Macro Topics in Latin America and the U.S.
Session 08K Games in Many Settings
Session 09K Medicaid, Enrollment and Outcomes
Session 10K Physical and Mental Health
Session 11K Regional Economic Activity
Session 13K Technology
Session 14K Trade Policy Formation
Session 15K Topics in Undergraduate Economics Education
Session 16K New Frontiers in Bill Evans Economics
Session 17K Nominal Income Targeting, the Productivity Norm, and Monetary Stability
Session 18K Topics in the Health Economics
Session 19K Topics in Experimental Economics
Session 20K International and Ethical Issues
Session 21K Student Performance
Session 22K Public Economics Topics
Session 23K* Topics in Microeconometrics