Southern Economic Association 2010 Program Sessions


Saturday, 8:00 a.m.

Session 03A China and Global Economy
Session 04A Renewable Energy Policy and Economics
Session 05A Topics in Poverty and Inequality
Session 06A Housing and Real Estate Economics
Session 07A Health Economics I
Session 08A* Studies in Industrial Organization Inspired by Roger Sherman
Session 09A Crises, Employment, Wealth, and Credit
Session 10A* Cliometrics I: American Economic History
Session 11A The Civilizing Process and Its Institutions
Session 12A* Schooling Effects of Student and Labor Market Characteristics
Session 13A Sports Economics I
Session 14A Human Capital and Labor Market Issues
Session 15A Income Distributions and Well-Being
Session 16A Crime and Punishment
Session 17A Empirical Analyses
Session 18A* Affirmative Action: A Global Perspective
Session 19A Applications of Advanced Econometric Methods
Session 20A* Social and Environmental Influences on Obesity: Implications for Racial Disparities
Session 21A Marriage and the Family
Session 22A Oligopoly Models

Saturday, 10:00 a.m.

Session 02B* Experiments on Energy, the Environment, and Sustainability
Session 03B* Economics of Crime
Session 04B Regulation and Collective Decision Making: The Role It Plays in the Economy
Session 05B* Law and Economics I
Session 06B From Foreign Exchange Policies to Currency Debt
Session 07B Monetary Policy, Financial Liberalization and Housing Prices
Session 08B Productivity and Efficiency Measurement
Session 09B Time Allocation: Women Caring for Themselves and Others
Session 10B* Cliometrics II: European Economic History
Session 11B New Perspectives on Emergence in Economics I
Session 12B* Asset Markets
Session 13B Sports Economics II
Session 14B* Economics of Education Papers
Session 15B Trade and Growth Issues
Session 16B Experiments in Second Life
Session 17B Fisheries
Session 18B Economic Development in China: I
Session 19B Risk and Uncertainty in Labor Markets
Session 20B* Household Economics in China and Taiwan
Session 21B* Labor Market Information Matching and Unemployment Disparities
Session 22B* Tools for More Effective Instruction

Saturday, 1:00 p.m.

Session 02C Health and Place: Effects and Methodological Issues
Session 03C Economic Well-Being Measurement
Session 04C Topics in Current Economic Issues
Session 05C* Revisiting the Impact of Combating Global Warming
Session 06C Matters of International Resource Trade and Monetary Shocks
Session 07C Housing Value, Economic Policy, Government Spending, and Municipal Governments
Session 08C* Politics and Central Bank Decisions
Session 09C Marriage, Risk, and Veterinarians
Session 10C Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, and Financial Crisis
Session 11C 50th Anniversay of F.A. Hayek's The Constitution of Liberty
Session 12C* Economics of Envy I
Session 13C Sports Economics III
Session 14C Nutrition, Food Assistance Programs, and Obesity
Session 15C Topics in Education and Health
Session 16C Contest Experiments
Session 17C Natural Resource Management
Session 18C Economic Development in China: II
Session 19C Measuring Economic Damages
Session 20C* Experiments for Policy
Session 21C Open Economy Macroeconomics
Session 22C Working Poor and the Disadvantaged

Saturday, 3:00 p.m.

Session 02D Social Determinants of Health
Session 03D* Financial Literacy and Economic Decisions
Session 04D Topics in Developing Economies
Session 05D* Individual or Collective Action: Perspectives from Religion and Economics
Session 06D Aquanomics
Session 08D* Trade Agreements and Trade Patterns
Session 09D Issues of Migration and Multi-nationals
Session 10D* Topics in Health Economics: Health Outcomes and Health Behaviors
Session 11D Don Lavoie Memorial Graduate Student Prize Winners
Session 12D* Economics of Envy II
Session 13D Sports Economics IV
Session 14D* The Political Economy of Genocide
Session 15D* Auctions and Mechanism Design
Session 16D Behavioral Economics in Networks and Markets
Session 17D Environmental Valuation
Session 18D International and Global Economics
Session 19D Current Topics in Forensic Economics
Session 20D* Food Stamp Research
Session 21D Industrial Organization: Market Structure
Session 22D Cause and Effect Analysis

Sunday, 8:00 a.m.

Session 02F* Economics of Conflict and Crisis
Session 03F* Applied Micro Theory I
Session 04F* Economics of Risky Behaviors
Session 05F Topics in Education
Session 06F* Advances in Neuroeconomics
Session 07F* Technology Embodied Capital
Session 08F* Empirical Studies of Trade Protection
Session 09F* Studies in Regulation and Antitrust Inspired by Roger Sherman
Session 10F* Undocumented Immigration
Session 11F Knowledge and Entrepreneurship
Session 12F* Experiments in Applied Game Theory
Session 13F* Knowledge Sharing and Mobility Patterns of Scientists
Session 14F* Monetary Policy Committee Decisions
Session 15F* Trade Theory
Session 16F Market Experiments I
Session 17F Fuel and Energy Conservation
Session 18F* Applied Political Economy
Session 19F Topics in Energy, Environment and Well-Being
Session 20F* Explaining Productivity Differences
Session 21F Energy and Environmental Economics
Session 22F Natural Hazards and Weather
Session 23F Investment and R&D

Sunday, 10:00 a.m.

Session 02G* Youth Mental Health, Obesity and School Outcomes
Session 03G* Applied Micro Theory II
Session 04G Wage Differentials
Session 05G* Big-Time College Athletics and Its Relationship to Higher Education
Session 06G* New Analyses of Minimum Wages
Session 07G Topics in Public Economics
Session 08G Volatility in International Trade
Session 09G Virginia Tech Post Doctoral Bridge to Business Program
Session 10G* Research on Economic Freedom
Session 11G The Morality of Capitalism
Session 12G* Stratification Economics: An Emerging Subfield
Session 13G Monetary Policy in an International Context
Session 14G* Obesity
Session 15G* Research on Labor Supply in Russia, China and Central Asia
Session 16G Risk Attitudes
Session 17G Spatial Implications
Session 18G* Individual and Collective Decisions
Session 19G Education Policy
Session 20G* Empirical Developments in Long Run Economic Growth
Session 21G Race, Gender and Discrimination
Session 22G Economics of Education and Training
Session 23G A Global Perspective and Country Studies on Inflation and Exports

Sunday, 2:00 p.m.

Session 01H* Health Economics and Policy
Session 02H* Outcomes of Variations in Medical Inputs
Session 03H Industrial Organization: Empirical and Experimental
Session 04H Racial and Ethnic Economic Inequality in a Transnational Context I
Session 05H* Experiments on Strategic Interaction and Group Behavior
Session 06H* Wage Determination Using Matched Employer Employee Data
Session 07H* Open-Economy Macroeconomics and International Trade
Session 08H International Trade Barriers
Session 09H* TIP Teaching Innovation Panel I
Session 10H* Are 'Austrians' and 'Behavioralists' More Friend Than Foe?
Session 11H New Perspectives on Emergence in Economics II
Session 12H* Empirical Studies in Industrial Organization
Session 13H* Experiments in Bargaining and Land Assembly
Session 14H Economic Issues in the Equine Industry
Session 15H* Experimental Decision and Game Theory
Session 16H Experiments in Managerial Economics
Session 17H Environmental Policy
Session 18H Market Structure and Laboratory Experiments
Session 20H* Openness and Economic Growth
Session 21H Labor Market Behavior
Session 22H Regional Economics
Session 23H Country Studies in Debt-lending Schemes

Sunday, 4:15 p.m.

Session 02I* State and Local Political Economy
Session 03I Topics in Labor Economics
Session 04I Racial and Ethnic Economic Inequality in a Transnational Context II
Session 05I Issues in Public Goods
Session 06I Models of Behavior
Session 07I* Choice and Rationality
Session 08I Trade, Environment, and Security
Session 09I* TIP Teaching Innovation Panel II
Session 10I* Are There Public Choice Problems with Nominal Income Targeting?
Session 11I The Carl Menger Undergraduate Essay Prize
Session 12I* Empirical Studies of Market Structure and Market Power
Session 13I* Issues on Small Business
Session 14I* Health Economics II
Session 15I* Applied Time Series Analysis
Session 16I Altruism and Behavior in Games
Session 17I Residuals
Session 18I* Examinations of Institutions
Session 19I Studies in Monetary Policy I
Session 20I* Theoretical Developments in Long Run Economic Growth
Session 21I Human Capital
Session 22I Environmental Economics and Congestion
Session 23I Capital Taxation, Tax Rate Volatility, and Political Business Cycles

Monday, 8:00 a.m.

Session 02J International Finance
Session 03J Terrorism, Sanctions, and Foreign Aid
Session 04J Public Goods and Natural Resources
Session 05J Macroeconomics Theory
Session 06J The Market and Health Care
Session 07J Teaching Effectiveness
Session 08J* Topics in Sports Economics: Laps, Hoops, Pigskins, and Charlie Hustle
Session 10J* Heterogeneity in the Lab
Session 11J Money and Finance
Session 12J Institutions and Economic Development
Session 13J Development and Transition Economies
Session 14J Health Care Quality
Session 15J High School Graduation and College Transition
Session 16J Field Experiments
Session 17J Information and Voluntary Initiatives
Session 18J Trade Inputs and Logistics
Session 19J Topics in Macroeconomics
Session 20J Environmental Economics I
Session 21J Nonwage Compensation
Session 22J Topics in Labor Economics I

Monday, 10:00 a.m.

Session 02K* Unhealthy Behavior
Session 03K Monetary Economics I
Session 04K Political Economy
Session 05K Government Spending and Debt
Session 06K Time, Place and Health Outcomes
Session 07K Topics on Teaching Economics
Session 08K Games, Tournaments, and Models
Session 09K* Moving Forward Beyond the Economic Crisis: Innovative Proposals
Session 10K Topics in Monetary Economics
Session 11K Promoting Development (or Not)
Session 12K Public Goods and the Political Process
Session 13K Institutions, Development, and Growth
Session 14K Policy, Government and Health Care
Session 15K* Survey Findings in Economic Education
Session 16K Public Goods
Session 17K Issues in Industrial Organization
Session 18K Trade and Financing
Session 19K Topics in Health, Education and Well-Being
Session 20K Urban Economics
Session 21K Geographic and Economic Mobility
Session 22K Topics in Labor Economics II
Session 23K Topics in Industrial Organization I

Monday, 1:00 p.m.

Session 02L Health and Environment
Session 03L Monetary Economics II
Session 04L Public Policy and Income Distribution
Session 05L Media and Education Effects on Health
Session 06L Children and Healthcare
Session 07L Innovation and R&D
Session 08L Elections and Governance
Session 09L* Wealth, Race, and Land Loss in the U.S. South
Session 10L Micro and Macro Perspectives on Economic Development
Session 11L Empirical Macroeconomics
Session 12L Economic History and Thought
Session 13L Public Policy and Health Care
Session 14L* Empirical Industrial Organization I
Session 15L Law and Economics II
Session 16L Group Cooperation Experiments
Session 17L Environmental Economics II
Session 18L Trade and Integration
Session 19L Educational Achievement
Session 20L Studies of Inflation I
Session 21L Gender, Discrimination, and Labor Markets
Session 22L Stocks, Stock Returns, and Crime
Session 23L Topics in Industrial Organization II

Monday, 3:00 p.m.

Session 02M Topics in Economic Theory
Session 03M Monetary Economics III
Session 04M Tax Policy
Session 05M Macroeconomics
Session 06M* Market Experiments II
Session 07M* Topics on Children
Session 08M Models of Advertising, Pricing, Sales, and Decision Making
Session 09M Education, Race and Gender
Session 10M Financial Economics
Session 11M Formal and Informal Sectors in Developing Nations
Session 12M Household Allocation and Finances
Session 13M The Labor Market and Health Insurance
Session 14M* Empirical Industrial Organization II
Session 15M Poverty, Crime and Courts
Session 16M Health and Risky Behaviors
Session 17M Personal Consumption Expenditures
Session 18M International Finance and Foreign Direct Investment
Session 20M Borrowing, Saving, and Credit Information Sharing
Session 22M Issues in Asset Pricing
Session 23M Topics in Industrial Organization III